I'm Really Not Type A - Assigned Towels

Remember this post? About our assigned towels. For a while, my children used their monogrammed beach towels as bath towels. That is until summer rolled around and we needed to take our beach towels to the pool (and the river - ha!).

Since I've bought towels never once in our 9 years of marriage, I thought it was reasonable to make a small purchase and lay our towel chaos to rest.

I got this idea from Design Mom. Buy the rainbow and assign each child a color.

Stephen: blue
Laurie: hot pink
George: green
New Baby: yet to be decided, but probably yellow
Guest/Extra towels: red and orange

As our family has grown, it has been such a useful system. It saves big on laundry since each child uses their towel multiple times before they need washing. Also, I like the way they look on the shelf!

Here's George, modeling a chic, green terry cloth.

I bought these towels from Target, and I love them because they are not too thick and bulky. They are a nice size, especially for children. And for $4.99!!! they are fantastic quality. I actually prefer them to our Pottery Barn towels. 


Posts like these probably make me seem very type A. I'm really not. I think I'm more of a B+.


Do your kids have assigned towels?


P.S. Color coded cups keep me sane.


  1. We have only one little one, but he hangs his towel for multiple uses. My husband and I also use bath towels several times before washing. It cuts down on laundry and saves water.

    Kim from Philadelphia

  2. We're right there with you with the towels AND the cups! It makes so much sense.

  3. Do you and Stephen use a specific color?

    1. No, we use our grown up towels we got as a wedding gift.

  4. so nice to look at! My kids (I am embarrassed to type this) actually share the same blue towel. And I wash it occasionally :) We have a tiny bathroom with limited towel racks. I guess I should work on this.

    1. ha ha - love it. well, at least they are clean when they are using it!

  5. Love seeing George all wrapped up in his green. He is getting so big!! And I'm excited for August 14th.

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