Toddler Beds

I love toddler beds, and I don't care who knows it!

We bought this darling toddler bed for Laurie when Caroline was born and George moved into his big boy bed (which was previously Laurie's bed).

I bought it because the girl needed a bed, but also, in anticipation that Laurie and Caroline will eventually share a room. The toddler bed and crib will go great together looks-wise and size-wise.


Toddler beds fit a crib mattress, and most importantly are the cutest beds you will ever lay eyes on. Laurie loves this cozy little corner and had no trouble down sizing from her twin bed.

Also, I got the idea to use a wooden crate as a bedside table and bookshelf from one of my favorite decorating books, Design Mom. $10 from JoAnn's.

The other great thing about this little bed is that it gives us so much space in the room.

Toddler beds were not even on my radar until this summer, but I can see it being the perfect solution to so many sleeping arrangement problems. So consider this post a PSA. 


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  1. It's a darling bed.
    I'm out of the toddler bed loop. We only have one kiddo and put him
    Into a twin bed that we had already in the house. To mitigate the rolling propensity of a toddler I bought one of those temporary side rails which we kept on longer than I'd care to admit. He's just a very rolly sleeper.

    Kim from Philadelphia.

  2. Love seeing Laurie's precious room.

  3. So cute! We have these amazing toddler beds from Ikea for my two children. They are the width or a twin bed and extend as they grow! Of course, you do have to buy special mattresses from Ikea and I use regular fitted sheets on them. We have ours on the smallest setting now and it works even for my (albeit petite)six year old. We're planning to put the crib in their room when our new baby arrives, so it's really convenient as far as space!


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