Budget Billing for Utilities

Do y'all know about budget billing? I don't know if all power companies offer it, but ours does and we have been taking advantage of it for years. When you sign up for budget billing, the power company takes your monthly power usage (highs and lows) and averages them all together to give a predictable, average, monthly cost.

It is glorious to know that even though our AC has been running like mad, we won't be hit with a major power bill this month. There may be minor adjustments from month to month, but generally our bill is the same in July as it is in December. This makes budgeting for utilities so much easier!

Our gas company offers budget billing, too, but requires that we have lived in our house for an entire year before we qualify. So when the winter months come and the gas bill starts creeping up, I will definitely be signing up. August will be one year!

Do you know about budget billing? Do you do it?


  1. We know about it but we do not use it. My neighbor used to have it and the gas company had calculated wrong and she owed an additional $70 that month to catch up. I don't know if it is just our area or what but I've had friends that had the same problem, so we stick to paying the actual bills each month. My husband totaled our yearly bills and then sets aside 1/12th of that number each month. In the summer we have a surplus in the gas, and in the winter we have a surplus in the electric. So we kind of do it in house. :)

  2. Great photo of your window - domestic, comforting, and comfortable.

  3. yes, we do budget billing for gas. It's very helpful.

  4. Yes!! It is so great for us who follow a strict Dave Ramsey budget :)

  5. Here in the UK it's the norm to pay for all utilities by this method. We use it for gas, electricity, water and sewerage and companies even give a discount if you choose this, as it's convenient for them to administrate. It certainly means that it's easier to keep track of the finances month to month.


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