My Working Vacation

Last week, my wonderful parents kept our kids for 5 days!

Stephen and I had our house to our lonesome selves. It was quiet, and I could barely scrounge up enough dirty laundry to do a full load each day. It was glorious to have time, uninterrupted and uncomplicated by the demands of children.

While they were away, I had a half mile long to-do list to conquer before school starts and before the baby arrives.

Much of my focus was on the basics, stocking up and organizing things at home. Also, I spent one entire day, 8-5, running errands. I got a lot of work done, but it also felt like somewhat of a vacation.

I went through all our kids' clothes, found new homes for everything on closet shelves and in drawers. I eliminated the need for the two huge storage boxes (one boys and one girls), and now everything is more accessible to switch out from season to season.

I got my hair cut.

I did basic budgeting, bill paying, and paperwork. I edited our files and threw away old papers no longer needed.

I bought new school uniforms. I stocked up on art supplies (markers, paper, and watercolors). I bought new underwear for various family members in need. I bought new sheets - so needed!

I tackled a couple small sewing projects, hemmed a curtain and some pants.

I walked, read, and napped. One night, we went out for a nice dinner. And one afternoon, when I was totally beat, I rested on the sofa and watched back to back re-runs of Alton Brown.

It was all so fun. But when the week was over, I was so glad to get everyone back home! We missed those children like crazy.

It's nice because the remaining weeks of summer are pretty un-scheduled. We've had several lazy mornings this week, and that's just my speed right now. The house is in order, not necessarily clean, but in order. I'm caught up on decorating and organizing projects I've had in mind for weeks.

I'm enjoying reading this series. And for the kids, I picked up Little House again. It has been well received after a nice long break. I set them up on the floor with Legos or blocks while we read.

I'm as ready as I can be to introduce another child to the mix. From experience, I know that having a baby under one is totally demanding. Life is whittled down to eating, sleeping, and if time allows, getting dressed.

Here's to doing my best!


  1. Yes! Here's to your best. Getting organized is actually a kind of vacation. It is so very satisfying and almost relaxing.

  2. ooooh, this sounds so lovely. (And I love Alexander McCall Smith!)

    I am not at my best with my infants. I love them, but their particular needs are so hard for me and hard for me to put "my life" on hold. I start to feel much better when they start talking and walking.


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