Turkey Wraps

Sometimes we need a little reminder about the goodness of simple foods. There is no need to reinvent the wheel. I think we get bombarded with recipes and food knowledge and the formula for the perfect green smoothie with 10 different vegetables in it that we forget that it is OKAY to make a quesadilla and a lovely side salad and a call it a day.

Oh yeah....tacos, bagels with cream cheese, a great bowl of berries cut up, corn on the cob.

Better to stick with the basics - to plan, shop, and cook at home with old favorites than to subscribe to a gluten free, Paleo, no carb meal plan that so easily becomes too much work.

I know I forget about the basics all the time. I feel pressure to discover new and exciting recipes and to eat healthier. I'm tempted, though rarely, by almond flour. I have to talk myself down, back to the kitchen where it is not a sin to make cornbread.

....unless you have a legitimate medical reason.

The other day I re-discovered an old favorite. Oh yeah I remember - turkey wraps!

We have been eating these for lunch this week, and I think they would make a really great summer dinner - with a side of chips and some cut up fruit.

1 flour tortilla, heated so it rolls up easily
a nice scoop of cream cheese, spread all over the tortilla
loads of lettuce cut up thinly

Roll and enjoy.


What about you? Do you complicate your meal planning by being too ambitious about special diets? 


Dealing With Sentimental Baby Items

Dear Readers,

I do not mean to be away so long. But this girl....

She keeps me so busy. She's wild.

You can probably tell how sassy she is from this picture. Pulling the cat's tail, brushing her teeth in the toilet, opening the front door and sprinting towards the street are just a 'few' of her shenanigans.

The good things going for her are that she's happy and she's a great sleeper. But still, all her waking hours are hands on, me keeping her from harming herself or others.

We all adore her to pieces, and she becomes more and more endearing as her personality is really starting to shine.

Everyday, she's losing some of her baby-ness. It makes me weep. To be a mother is to grieve.

A couple of weeks ago, I did the hard work of sorting and passing on some of our baby things, mostly clothes and blankets, boy and girl stuff. I could not keep it ALL. For one, I don't have the space. But also, what a waste to keep so many great baby items that someone else could use! The world could end before my future grandchildren arrive, and I believe in using and enjoying stuff.

I passed on the majority of the boy things to my sister's baby, Charlie. Just yesterday he wore one of George's old outfits. It brought me so much joy to see my nephew wearing his cousin's hand-me-down. See what I mean....why would I save it?!

I get it if someone wants to save stuff for future babies. And I did...as long as we had the desire to grow our family.  

But the way I we see it...I've had my babies. We are content with our two beautiful boys and two gorgeous girls.

If everything is special, then nothing is special. 

I first heard about the gist of this concept from Joshua Becker. It's the idea that if everything is so sentimental and special, then nothing is. How much better to have a small, meaningful collection of special items rather than boxes and boxes.

So I chose my favorite baby things to keep, a small representation of all four that I could pass down to them should they want it for their own children. There are so many emotions folded up in one Rubbermaid box. I miss those babies!
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