Our Boat....Don't Act Like You're Not Impressed

Dave Ramsey often recommends buying a car that's a beater -a vehicle to get you by - one that goes from point A to point B, but may be lacking in presentation and luxuries like air conditioning or automatic locks. Now apply the beater concept to boats. That's us.

We have a boat, and it is a Beater with a capital B. It gets the job done by filling our "need" for a boat without threatening our finances in any way. Stephen half-owns it with a friend. And while I normally think boat partnerships are unwise, with this ol' thing....who cares?! It leaves a flurry of foam coming off the seats when it rides. Laughing at this boat is just as fun as the ride.

Saturday evening, Capt. Steve took the whole fam out for a river ride complete with a grilled hotdog picnic. I was reluctant to go for obvious reasons (surprisingly not the boat, but the final weeks of pregnancy).

I'm so glad I went! It's sad but true that we rarely set out on an adventure as a family of 5 (almost 6).

We parked at the sand bar, swam, listened to music, and dined in style. I like to think of this outing as a last little celebration of our family in this age and stage...before the newcomer arrives.

Only two weeks to go!


  1. So great - I love all the photos and you are darling in your "swim suit/dress." I remember your "modest swimsuit" blog from way back and still think of it. Excited to hear about the newest Spooner on the 14th!

  2. Dave would be proud! Get the thick shower curtain liner and cover the seats, cheap and easy!!

  3. Spooner style, for sure. Love it!


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