Wearing, Eating, Listening, Reading

Wearing. Winter makes me want to wear bright colors. I get tired of gray and black and beige. My sweater is from ThredUP

My college roommate says don't buy something unless it makes your heart do 10 million flips. Don't you think that's great advice for discovering your true style? These stripes definitely had my heart flippin.

Eating. We had this creamy white chicken chili for dinner the other night, and I give it 5 stars. I used salsa verde instead of green chilis. Also, I double or triple every recipe I make because we eat a lot.

Listening. Megyn Kelly's podcast! I'm a huge fan. The most recent episode I recommend is #462 about the terrible Idaho murders. It's tragic and fascinating. MK has a way of reminding the listener about the humanity of the victims. Also, I appreciate her commentary on the royals. 

Reading. I'm almost finished with Jane Eyre, and I've enjoyed it. Next on my list is The Six Wives of Henry VII.  I hope it's good because it's a long one.

What are you wearing, eating, listening to and reading?


  1. Wearing - a cozy blue Eddie Bauer 3/4 zip
    Eating - Harvest Corn Chowder from Simple Bites tonight, thinking about a roast for tomorrow.
    Listening to - the mellow playlist my teen made for me
    Reading - just finished The Ink Black Heart by Galbraith, I love the Cormoran Strike series but sadly, this was my least favorite one. Also reading The Girl Who Drank he Moon for book group.

  2. When my boys were young, they loved to watch Horrible Histories on YouTube. They learned so much - lol. Their favorite was The Wives of Henry VIII. Divorced Beheaded & Died song:

  3. I love your sweater!

    I've been making Naan pizzas ever since you posted about those. =) I listen almost exclusively to Armchair Expert podcasts, although recently I started listening to Glennon's, and I realized I'd really been missing out!


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