Goodwill Jeans

I have not been a big fan of thrifting or buying second hand clothes in the past.* The stores smell weird. You have to dig. Who has the time?


But as time has passed and my shopping skills improved, I've been willing to give it another go, especially because my kids need so many new clothes this season. #stickingtoabudget

I've discovered that kids' jeans are great to buy secondhand. They hold up to lots of wear and there is actually a really decent stock of jeans at my local Goodwill, all for $2-3.

Also, I am loving taking my older kids in Goodwill with me. I like that they see me "saving" money, and also we just have a good ol' time, laughing and joking around.

going for the cropped look

 model and photo bomber :)

She also found this super cute purse $2


Do you buy secondhand clothes?


  1. So smart to get jeans at Goodwill. We don’t have a local Goodwill but we do have some consignment shops which I’ve never ventured into. The hunt with kids in tow just isn’t possible right now but I could see it happening as everyone gets older. I’ve had a bit of success with Thred Up (again, lots of digging and therefore time needed though) and Shop Bagsy, which is a bit more curated and a bit pricier.

  2. And can we talk about those chairs?! Perfection! I’m sure I’ve complimented you on them before. I’m currently having two chairs reupholstered and tried and tried to find the perfect buffalo check but ended up going in a different direction because I thought it did not exist. Love yours!

    1. I bought these chairs at a flea market a few years ago. I saw them in the window and nearly wrecked my car trying to park as fast as I could to
      beat any other customers to them. I love them!

  3. I absolutely almost without a doubt check in thrift stores first before going to a regular store. It is much more budget-friendly and much more eco-friendly. I also have a friends who pass clothes to each other, which is great. Currently, I receive clothes for Phoebe and pass clothes on to a friend with a younger girl.

    Another benefit of taking older kids to a thrift store is that they are starting to develop their own style, and a thrift store has so many styles right there! So it's very interesting to see what they like and much more efficient even than a mall where you have to walk from store to store.

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