Valentines + Links

So, I have this thing about homemade Valentine's. I love them! My kids' enthusiasm for making them grows every year. The simpler the better. Cut out a heart and write your name on the back. Or in the case of this year, watercolor a heart.

These watercolor Valentines were our inspiration. Laurie adored this project. She watercolored her heart and soul out.

Stephen requested we send candy hearts with his. He counted out 10 candy hearts for each classmate and 11 for his teacher. That's love.

Life has been a little overwhelming lately.

We have all been sick with various viruses and bugs that will not quit. I feel like I run an infirmary. I've dished out so many meds I finally ordered some of these disposable medicine cups. They are much more sanitary than rinsing out syringes and reusable medicine spoons.

I'm thinking spring cleaning is in the near future. Reading How one house cleaner only uses 3 products makes me want to try Krud Kutter. Have you ever tried it?

As our children's book collection has grown, we could sure use some more bookshelves. I'm hoping that I can recruit Stephen to build something like this one from the Land of Nod. I love the cubbies at the bottom.

I've made Margo's pizza crust 3 times now and it's here to stay.

Sometimes it really is as simple as cake Thought this blog post was so touching.

George is in real need of some new pj's. If I could trust him to not strip down to his birthday suit, I'd order these from Old Navy. It's still zippers and footies until we can establish that trust.

We all love this show - The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Other Stories. It's free on Netflix, and it is precious. Several of the Eric Carle stories are told and the music is beautiful.

What are you into these days?!


Homemade Haircut

I had one must-do today - go get haircuts for 2/3 of my children.

And then I thought about getting everyone dressed, and possibly waiting, and entertaining the two year old in the barber shop while the older two got their haircuts. And well, I chickened out.

I've tried my hand at cutting Stephen's hair before, and I'm a bit traumatized by the experience.

But I'm older now, wiser, and he's older, too.

So after some internet research, I found this great tutorial How to Cut Boys' Hair Like a Pro. I read it twice and full steam ahead we found ourselves in the kitchen playing "hair cutting store."

I'm so pleased how it turned out! If I do say so myself. By no means is it perfect. But you know what? Even when the professionals do it, it's not perfect. His hair is so straight. I believe we'd have to put him under general anesthesia to get it "perfect."

I cut Laurie's hair, too. It was much easier and forgiving.

A penny saved is a penny earned, right?! Well, I made $22 this morning.


Laurie's New Room

A few months ago Laurie (just turned 4 in January) started setting up camp in our guest room and declaring it her new room. So we figured it was as good a time as any to put the boys together and give the girl her own space. Previously, she's been sharing a room with Stephen (5 y.o.).

Tis not a season for big spending over here so I knew we'd be making do with what we already had to make her room feminine and 4 year old girly. Thank goodness I had a good excuse to not buy Hello Kitty sheets!

I used a full, white sheet and just tucked it in tight to avoid buying a fitted twin sheet. I had a twin flat. Then I sewed this floral pillowcase from a vintage sheet I bought on Etsy a while ago.

The artwork was in her old, shared room and I just walked it on over to the new room.

The dresser is a pale pink. My dad helped me paint it a few years ago. It looks much better with the lighting in her new room. The lamp is the only lamp I have that didn't already have a home. I think it's nicely inconspicuous and reminds me of a lamp I had in my room growing up.

Laurie's new room also serves as the unofficial playroom. I try to let it not get too junky because I truly believe my children play better with fewer toys in a tidy space. But let's face it. This is so hard. But I try.

I bought this vintage Little Tikes kitchen off eBay a year or so ago. George loves it the most. My sister and I had the same one growing up. My mom still has it. Anyways, I just think it's adorable and George does too.

Budget $0
Speding $0

I'm really happy with it.


5 Things I'm Loving These Days

1. I stumbled upon these free desktop wallpaper calendars. They are so lovely. Scroll back and see how pretty all of last year's were.

2. Ah... Call the Midwife. This show has been around for a couple of years, but I'm just now catching up on the latter seasons. It's about a group of midwives working in East London in the 1950s. It is beautifully done. Last week, all three of my kids were sick and I was totally beat. During rest time each day I treated myself to watching an episode in bed.

3. The cleaning schedule. It's still working. I've missed a day here and there, but then I just get back on track. The kitchen has benefited the most because the floor disparately needs mopping a minimum once a week.

4. Healthy lunches. I've been eating a big salad for lunch every day or some kind of wrap. I find the more healthfully I eat, the more I want to eat healthfully.

5. George's words. George just started putting two words together "ma ess" - more eggs, "gee ack"- green truck, "bi ma"- bye mama. Also, he whispers a lot.

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