Papa, Please Get The Moon for Me by Eric Carle

Papa, Please Get The Moon For Me is one of my children's favorite books. Have you read it?

I actually discovered it through a charming little children's film, The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Other Stories by Eric Carle (available by streaming on Netflix). The stories are animated and set to beautiful music. Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me is particularly mesmerizing. Every time my children watch it, I get completely hooked.

So, it's funny that we saw the "movie" first and then ordered the book. Ours is a used, library copy from Amazon and has large fold out pages. It's a little tricky to find a decent copy of this book that's not the board book on Amazon. But it looks like Barnes and Noble has it.

Reading to my children has been a struggle this week! Being summer, there is so much togetherness and fussing that the last thing I feel like doing is sitting down and reading to those people that drive me so CRAZY.

But all is right with the world when I take a minute and read Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me. It pleases all of us in our various ages and stages.

What is YOUR favorite children's book? Not necessarily your kid's favorite, but yours?


  1. Oh What a Busy Day, by Gyo Fujikawa

  2. I hadn't seen this book before - thanks for the tip.

    Racer Dogs by Bob Kolar; Baby Dear by Esther and Eloise Wilkin; trying to remember others, but they were few and far between. So many kids' books are silly in a bad way. When we start really getting into books with Phoebe, I think I'm going to keep a list of the kids' books I think are truly good: the ones loved by kids and adults alike.


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