One lovely evening in May, our neighbor's Vizsla frolicked over and impregnated our British lab. What's done is done. 

Therefore, on July 7th, 2021 we welcomed 11 puppies into our already chaotic family life. Puppy birth is an education unto itself -- and I'm counting on the experience to make up for any holes or gaps left in the wake of homeschool science.

Sally, the mama dog, successfully birthed 6 blonde/strawberry blonde pups and 5 black pups. 

It's therapy. Puppies are therapy. And if you don't love them at least a little bit, then you probably have no soul. 

As it currently stands, we have 5 promised to owners, 4 lighter pups and 1 darker. This means we have 2 light and 4 dark that need a person or persons.

These pics are from the BIRTHnight. We had so many puppies we actually got bored and went to bed on puppy number 9. We awoke to 2 more, totaling ELEVEN. #hastag #fertilemertle

We are selling them for $55/pup to cover the cost of shots + food. You know you want one or TWO.

Seriously, the cycle of life is amazing. We made some memories on this night. Some families go to Disney. Some have puppies. 

For real, email or DM me if you want one.


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