Pics of Me + Caroline

Occasionally, I scoop Caroline up and ask Stephen to take a picture of us - so one day I can prove I was actually here/there. On this particular day, I liked the way her peach onesie looked with my blue shirt.

Caroline is 5 weeks old! She has the loveliest disposition. I've enjoyed her and all that is involved at this age and stage.


Packing School Lunches

I'm totally burned out on making peanut butter and jelly/honey sandwiches for lunch. So when my mom was here last week, and doing me the huge favor of going to the store for me, I told her to buy some (nutritious) prepackaged foods to make easy lunches with.

Yesterday afternoon, we pulled all the choices out and spread them on the table. I told each child to pick four things. They packed their own lunches!

I'm so pleased. This was fun and easy. Lunches may be a little more expensive this way, but paying for the convenience is like "hiring help." I don't have to make sandwiches in the wee hours of the morning. In this season, I need to hit the easy button as much as I possibly can.

Also, I think this type of lunch is healthier than my standard sandwich lunch. We'll see if it sticks.

 Laurie's choices
Stephen's choices

How do you feel about packing school lunches?


Never Put Off 'til Tomorrow....

....what you can straight up cancel.

That's my new motto.

Well...hey there!

Our days have been full. Summer ended. Caroline was born. Stephen started 1st grade and all that that entails...homework!  And in the middle of it all, George, in a fit of rebellion, dropped his dependable, lengthy afternoon nap.

He's back to it, but he gave me a good scare.

We are doing well. Caroline is a good baby (so far). Slowly, we are finding our new normal.


Here are four things that have helped me cope/adjust to this new and wonderful chapter of life with 4 kids.

1. Paper plates

2. Accepting all help that's offered

3. Pioneer Woman's iced coffee

4. A new pair of girlfriend jeans store credit + sale, only cost me $8 out of pocket

Somewhere I read the advice to go buy a new pair of jeans for yourself a few weeks after you have a baby. A pair that fit and work for right now. No one really wants to shop when they are freshly postpartum, but getting at least one pair of pants that work is a major morale booster.


Lastly, here's my school girl. First day of K4!

Laurie + Millie 
cousins in the same class

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