Colorful, Kid-Friendly Cups

We're all off the sippy cup! Sort of. George still takes his morning and pre-nap milk with one, but otherwise he drinks from a regular cup.

So, I've been in real need of some kid-friendly cups.

I wanted some smaller, sturdy, colorful, plastic ones, and I ended up with these from Amazon. I highly recommend.

I love the colors.

The best part is I color code them.

Laurie - pink
Stephen - blue
George - green

I leave them out all day and rinse them out periodically. These cups have made my life just a wee bit simpler. It's easy for the kids to keep up with their color, and it cuts back on dish washing. Perfect solution for a multi-kid family!

P.S. Any suggestions for what I should do with my huge wall space in the kitchen?


  1. Love those colorful cups! For your big wall, how about a plate collage. Of course, you'd have to scour thrift stores for some fun plates to use. Or how about a gallery wall of framed photos and/or art?

  2. I love the cups, and I love, love, love the photos of your kids!

  3. Do a large Audubon print! Would go great with that beautiful green!


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