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When it comes to food, even if you simplify as much as possible... shopping, cooking, etc - on whatever level you do it - takes time and energy. I always have to remind myself that I dislike shopping and cooking on the same day. It's exhausting. I've found that I prefer to round up all the food one day and do my cooking and meal prepping on a day I'm planning to be at home.

Here's my farmer's market goods for this week. $19.50 total. All this would have been twice as much at the grocery store.

I recently learned a tip about cutting boards. If you have one that slides - which I do - put a slightly damp paper towel under it to give it some grip. It holds the board perfectly in place.

I love these Pure Kamachi knives.They were inexpensive and work really well. I've had mine over a year. They are a little lighter weight than your average knife which takes a little getting used to. Costco sells these on big time sale a couple of times a year. I think I bought mine for $30.

Every week or so, I find it helpful to make up a bunch of food in one session and have it all ready and available in the fridge. If I put couple of hours in on a Saturday morning, it gives me the freedom to coast for a few days. This past Saturday I made pimento cheese, chicken salad, homemade granola, chocolate chip cookie dough, and a bunch of sandwiches.

I love this box of sandwiches idea. This time I made turkey with light mayo and some pimento cheese. Between each layer of sandwiches, I placed a barely damp paper towel to prevent the bread from drying out. My box holds 12 whole sandwiches. These were perfect to come home to for Sunday lunch after church. I cut up some fruit and lunch was done!

Later that afternoon, I baked some of the cookies from the already-made dough.

You can add fresh, sliced tomatoes and lettuce right before serving.

Publix started selling my favorite Greek Gods Greek Yogurt. It's THE best. It inspired me to make homemade granola. I think this is a wonderful base recipe/tutorial. There is so much flexibility with homemade granola. I love it.

A while back I caught a really great sale on Ziploc bags at Costco. Because they were there, I found myself defaulting to them for most of my food storage. When we ran out of bags, I never replaced them and have been using plastic containers to store fruits, vegetables, leftovers, etc. I thought the washing of so many containers would be a burden. Turns out it's not at all. This is much more economical!

I would love to invest in some ceramic containers with lids if I found some I liked. 

On the same topic of disposable kitchen products, I did buy a pack of 300 paper plates. With baby coming so soon, it seemed practical. I love getting a rest from constant dishes.

Last but not least, chicken salad with these Rosemary & olive oil Triscuits is a fantastic combination. My mother-in-law served this to me at her house the other day, and I immediately came home and had to re-create the experience.


What about you? Got any tips?


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  1. I agree about the kitchen projects on one day and how that frees up time later. Today I made granola, crackers, and choco chip bars all in one swoop. If I'm going to turn on the oven in summer, it's gotta be maximized! I also love to make double batches of a meal occasionally and then freeze the second half so that I have an instant meal for a day when I don't want to cook.

  2. I have recently invested in silicone covers for bowls and then some for square and rectangular dishes. Any glass vessel is instantly a storage container when I pop on one of these lids. They can also go into the oven and dishwasher and can cover a pan or skillet on the stove top. I love the versatility without having more containers and dishes to store. I am with you on using containers for most everything. I find it much easier and the food does not get squashed or lost in the fridge or freezer so easily.

  3. We got some fairly inexpensive Rubbermaid "snap top" glass containers that I love. They come in all sizes, snap so easily but securely, and are decent looking and easy to clean. I love your ideas by the way.

  4. I hate how much time it takes me to get fresh fruit ready during lunchtime, when I'd rather be eating my lunch, too! :P So, I like to set aside some time to prepare fruit on the weekends. I get it all washed, remove stems and such, and cut what I can, then store it in plastic containers in the fridge. Then when it comes time for lunch, I can just pull the containers out and toss some fruit on their plates, or better yet, they can grab a container when they want a snack and it's ready to go! So much quicker!! :) I need to start making sandwiches in bulk as well. Thanks for the tip about the paper towel layer between them! That's great!


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