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Laurie colored this tiny rainbow...and I love it.

I'm SO excited about a long weekend. We are packing for a beach trip (whoop whoop) and just chilling out. Tonight we are making pizzas and maybe watching a few episodes of Stranger Things. I don't know if I can continue or not.

Anyhow, for your weekend....some links! 

I need to do better... 6 Things We Need to Do if We Love Blogs and Podcast

I made this Chicken Enchilada Casserole Recipe for dinner last night...so good (and easy)! Definitely a keeper.

I went to college with Jama, and I love everything she does. Check out this $25 thrift store sofa + kids art.

the best wine $15.99 at our Costco right now. More than what I pay on average, but worth the splurge for a special occasion.

This is my most favorite (quick) workout. For days when I'm short on time or don't want to exercise. Who doesn't have 12 minutes?! No excuses.

I love watching people put on make up and I love Jennifer's blog! ...get ready with me Coldplay concert

This is a great t-shirt. 50% off through Labor Day. I have it in grey, but that color is sold out. I like the navy.

Stephen and I have been listening to The Firm through Audible before we go to bed. What a great throwback to the 90's. Oldie but goodie.

This outfit.....inspiration for my early fall "uniform."

Have a great weekend!


Back to School....Two Things Making Me Not Crazy

Summer is a memory. We've moved on. Back to school! It's good, but hard. School life can be intense. Mostly, I'm just not used to it (yet)!

Clean clothes, back packs, packed lunches, early bed times, homework, getting there on time, decent meals...lots of details that fall under my umbrella of responsibility. Whew, I'm exhausted.

So the two things that are making me not crazy...

1. I keep all the uniforms, hair stuff, socks, shoes, everything we need to get ready for school in a laundry basket.

School wear lives in the basket.

This way, I'm not running to the 4 corners of the house to round up school clothes or sending my kids looking (because who are we kidding they can never find anything). This deal was inspired by my always keeping our swim bag packed this summer.

It's really working for me.

2. Convenience foods. For so many years I avoided prepackaged snacks. 

But for everything there is a season! 

Now is my season to embrace some convenience foods. Feeding a family of six is a huge operation. These grab and go foods help me catch my breath and save my energy to prepare meals.

I'm relying on these things for lunches and afternoon snacks. 

So what's making you not crazy? How's back to school? Are you surviving or thriving?

I hope thriving!
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