The Hard Part is Finished - Family Photo Organization

The hard part is finished. I have digitally sorted, saved, uploaded and ordered prints for all our family photos through June 2015!

All I have to do put the remaining few hundred photos in albums. And to me, that's the easy, rewarding part.

I set this goal, to be up to date with photos, by the time the baby is born mid August. Here I am a month ahead of schedule! It is (nearly) finished. When I started this project, the last batch of photos I ordered was from 2009, making me 5 1/2 years behind. I did not have a single real photo of my youngest two children (besides a few my mom printed and sent me).

For the sake of thoroughness I went back and re-ordered 2009 photos so they could all live together with matte finish and white boarders in the family albums. I wanted to have the albums start at the beginning of our kid-having years.

Here are a few of me and (baby) Stephen from '09. I did not have any of these photos printed 5 1/2 years ago because I thought I looked terrible! I was in the thick of post partum-ness and felt so frumpy and broke down with the motherhood.

But now that I have a lot more perspective, I find these photos to be treasures. I feel much more gracious to myself about my appearance. I had just had a BABY! And he was not an easy going, care free, go with the flow one. He had colic, and he cried and nursed what seemed like all the time.


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  1. This post...those pictures...have me in tears and spurred on to knock out some photo printing for my fam. It's been since going digital...like...about nine years. Eek. And the pics of you-I was the same way, so hard on myself. I have a small handful of pictures of my mother with me as a baby and I ADORE them!! So happy for you that you're all caught up! Thanks for inspiring! :)


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