Our Week + Some Links + A Question

It's been a hard week for no reason other than it's just hard being a person sometimes, specifically an adult person. I've had a lot of nagging tasks hanging over my head and the house spiraled out of control and it felt like responsibilities outweighed the fun. And too many carbs and not enough exercise did not help my situation. My own fault.

But here's to Friday!

George picked some flowers for me (my mums). So sweet.

I'm loving that it's FINALLY feeling a little cooler and we can bust out our fall outfits. I'm still doing the capsule wardrobe thing even though I failed to document summer's capsule.

Caroline is a pure delight, the light of our lives, the apple of the family's eye. Her siblings are always laughing or playing with her or saving her from perceived danger. She's quite agile, and I'm so laid back about it (but of course not too laid back). She is very much the 4th child.

Like most babies she adores being outside.

I had a quick run to Publix today to get us through the weekend. This all felt very fallish to me.

Publix apple pie is divine. Perfection with Breyers vanilla ice cream.

Got some noodles because new traditions! Friday night spaghetti night! I always do angel hair.

Children's Zertec.

Boxed wine.

Nail polish. Revlon, color is Vixen.

And bananas because always.

 A few links for your enjoyment...

This is the red beans and rice recipe I use. It's seriously one of our favorites.

Yes and yes to this salad dressing trick. The secret is to use Grey Poupon Dijon mustard. I tried it  right after I found this post, and it immediately upped my salad dressing game.

I love this denim skirt + striped shirt - the whole look of the first outfit.

The necklace pictured in my fall outfit photo is from The Jones Market. I love it. It's so comfortable to wear if that makes sense.

My father-in-law introduced me to The World and Everything In It podcast a few months ago, and ever since it's how I get my news. I usually listen after the kids are off to school while I make a decent breakfast for myself and unload the dishwasher. Funny how we pick up routines and rituals that are unplanned but such an anchor in the day. This is definitely one of those for me.


So lastly, a question...what would you like me to blog about? I'm working on coming up with a list of posts and I would love to know what interest you. Kids? Food? Please tell me.

Happy weekend!


  1. What are your brown shoes in the outfit pic?

  2. I also love your brown shoes. My answer to your more general question is that I'm in awe of how you and Capt. Stephen manage your kids, your budget, your (for you) wardrobe, your food, and your lives. So ANYTHING you write about is of great interest to me.

    1. Ditto to this! How you manage it all!

    2. Ditto! Anything you want, and I know you are BUSY- I just wish it were more frequent! Your blog is a friendly, refreshing, relaxed place. I don't have children, but I enjoy it all!
      Thank you!

  3. food please..I used literally a spoonful this morning... and kids, and decorating your house :) Your blog is one of my favorites

  4. thanks for the red beans tip - I'll be trying that recipe.

    I love your chatty frank posts - anything you write about on a personal level is interesting to me! Wardrobe, food, kids, decorating, I am fascinated by how you do life :) So I'm a big fan. I hope this means you are going to blog even more!

  5. Thanks for the recipe for the red beans and rice. Do your kids eat it?

    I like what you already do write about - food, recipes, fashion, decor, home management, your darling children, what books you're reading, good movies, etc.

    I like the striped top with the denim skirt too, but I think the skirt is way too short.

  6. Anything! This is my favorite blog to read. I also read it first when there are updates. I like your wardrobe posts, decorating, meal-planning. I love it when you post lists of different things you're enjoying.

  7. I love your blog and what you write about. I always particularly enjoy your food posts and house management type posts. Thanks, SB! Jessica

  8. I love your blog and what you write about. I always particularly enjoy your food posts and house management type posts. Thanks, SB! Jessica

  9. Just be you. You have for writing and sharing your day to day life in a real and relatable way :) I enjoy decorating your house posts, kid tips and parenting, favorite recipes (I have several in my rotation I've gotten from your blog). I'd love to see a room by room post with pics of your house and highlight some of your favorite things about each room :)

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