A Toy Worth Investing In: Magna-Tiles

I can officially attest that Magna-Tiles are the BEST toy. Are you familiar with them?! They are colorful shaped building magnets with endless possibilities.

A couple weeks ago, my mom asked if she could buy my children something to get us through these last few weeks of summer and home stretch of pregnancy. Thank you, Mama!

I immediately thought of Magna-Tiles.

They have been on my Amazon wishlist for awhile. I was planing on buying a set for Christmas, but they have come in so handy right now.

They day they arrived, we had a Magna-Tile marathon. Hours of fun.

And ever since, we've just been going and going. Cousins and friends love them, too - all ages and stages.

The end of summer is SO hot where we live. Think jungle of Vietnam. That hot.

It has been wonderful to have an inside activity to keep their hands busy.

This last picture, Laurie is lining up all her creations before bedtime.

Though they are a little pricy on the front end, this toy is totally worth the investment.


Also, I notice if they begin to lose interest, all I have to do is start building something myself and they jump right in.

Along those lines, this blog post, Self Entertainment and Settling In, was helpful and inspiring.


  1. Worth every penny! Sam got a set for Christmas, and we keep them in a basket in his closet. Sometimes he goes missing for hours, and I find him in his closet building and building.

  2. I would play with those - love those colors! And I am struck, too, by what a thoughtful question your mother asked you, a really helpful question + action.

  3. We have the "see-through" colored ones, and my boys have played with them EVERY DAY since Christmas...you know it's a good toy if it's lasted that long!

  4. My kids are older so no need the toys, although they look fantastic. My question is about your rug. Where did you find it?


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