Baby's Teeny Closet Nursery

Long story short, our master bedroom is weird.

It had been cheaply and poorly renovated before we bought the house. No closet, half carpet, half hardwood floors, no bathroom door - total weirdness. So when we moved in, as a solution to all the weird, Stephen made a third of the room into 3 nice size closets, an "office" for me, a master closet, and a hunting/tool closet for himself.

It works. Oh, and we also added a bathroom door. Who doesn't have a bathroom door?!

When we found out baby was on the way, we began converting my "office" into a nursery. I love how this teeny, closet nursery turned out! Sometimes I go in here and soak in the serenity. It's the only space that stays clean (for now).

By baby #4 you think I'd be tired of putting together nurseries? Nope, it never gets old.


I had the alphabet print and Babar print from previous baby rooms.

The crib has been passed along from my cousin to sister and now me. George is still sleeping in his crib, and I was not about to take it away from him and throw off his 3 hour afternoon siestas.

I ordered the storage boxes and changing table from Amazon.

I wanted to find the perfect sized dresser because I don't really like buying such temporary pieces of furniture i.e. changing tables. But after searching high and low around town, I gave it up and got just what I needed with the right dimensions to fit the corner.

The Walter Anderson animal watercolors I've had since Stephen was a baby.

I'm so into coat hooks right now. I'm about to order some for the other kids' rooms. Book bags, jackets, dress up clothes, towels...they can really help a mama out.

This is where the baby's few hanging clothes will live.

As for the day gowns, the pink one was mine and the blue one was Stephen's (I think). As to which one baby will be wearing home from the hospital, I have no clue! The Lord only knows. I have no guess.

Here's my stack of previously loved on, muslin swaddle blankets. 

For the Runaway Bunny illustrations, I ripped out pages from one of our copies and spray painted old, cheap frames yellow.

The curtains are a white sheet, cut to fit the window, and edged with pom pom trim.

Behind one of the curtains are these surprise 3 little birdies. These are Carl Wolfe birds were all given to me as gifts over the years.

The huge stuffed rhino is a gift from my parents. My children love it.

And this fine biggest brother, the leader of our small tribe, is so sweet and excited and generally loves life.

"This is the greatest world," he told me the other day. Glad you see it that way, Stephen. Your glass is always half full. Not a bad way to be when you're six.


  1. Gorgeous room - very old fashioned and lovely. And precious Stephen Small is the greatest kid! May his beautiful and loving spirit never change.

  2. That is perfect! That's all a newborn needs! I especially love the pops of color in the artwork.

  3. I love it! You did a wonderful job! Jessica

  4. Sarah, this is really lovely!

    -Kim from Philadelphia

  5. Adorable. Love every bit of this space.. The coat rack is so cute with the night dresses.
    Congrats on the new baby.

  6. Yes, I brought home Stephen from the hospital in that little blue day gown.

  7. Oh, I love it so much! It's beautiful. Your Wolfe birds are beautiful and the art is just perfect. Everything, really.

  8. definitely the sweetest, most delightful nursery I've seen in a while! Love your talent for using what you have to make a beautiful home.

  9. This closet nursery is PERFECT. They just need a little spot to sleep!

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