Baby Ready + Dreams of Non-Maternity Clothes

I'm dreaming of non-maternity clothes.

And sleeping on my stomach again.

Most of all, I'm dreaming of meeting the little guy or gal who is about to join our inner family circle.

I'm one week out! School supplies are bought. Food is in the freezer. Nursery is done. House is stocked with paper plates, dog food, laundry detergent, etc. We are ready!

Unfortunately, insomnia is here in full effect, and so this morning I asked Stephen if he would take the morning shift and get up with kids. Not that I was sleeping in, but at least I could lounge in bed a little longer. He made me scrambled eggs and toast, and like a lady of leisure I had breakfast in bed.

As history tells it, I overdo things close to big life events. But this time I've planned ahead and I'm taking it easy. Last week, my goal was to be productive before noon and after that I let myself to take the afternoon "off." Of course I was still a mother after noon, but I didn't push myself to clean, cook, or take on any major task....unless I felt like it.

In my down time, I've had plenty of time to pin outfits to my what to wear Pinterest board. And as a result I've had some fashion revelations about myself.

I've learned that I really really like over sized, grey sweaters and/or sweat shirts with skinny jeans.
I'm all about all black outfits.
I'm totally intrigued by the sneaker look.

These will be fun things to experiment with in due time.

1 / 2 / 3

I've also realized how much I'm drawn to accessories but never wear any myself. I think as I attend to my post baby wardrobe, I need to slowly acquire some nice accessories....like a watch, cool shoes, some scarves, etc.

My tendency is to buy dressier pieces after babies because I'm so sick of lounge wear. But really, this is impractical. If I have one "going out" top, I'm good.

From having a summer uniform, I've experienced first hand how nice it is to limit clothing decisions on a day to day basis. It makes it so easy to get dressed. I'm hoping to carry this concept over to the next season and phase of life.

Clothes are my weakness, and I'm prone to impulse buying. I'm hoping that by getting to know my style a little better I can buy less but what I love.


What about you? Are there any looks you are excited to try?


Also, I've heard that skinny jeans are on the wane and flares are all the rage? Don't worry, I've also read that skinny jeans aren't going anywhere for good.


  1. Congrats on being baby ready!! Much more of a challenge when you have 3 little ones in tow. Hoping for a safe delivery for you and the baby!
    I'm not a fashionista in any sense- my non- professional clothing default is somewhat skinny jeans and a fleece in Winter, khakis and a knit top in all other weather. I tend to gravitate towards gray and black, so Summer is not my favorite clothing season.
    My idea of accessorizing is a scarf- that's about it! I'm basically lazy in this area.

    -Kim from Philadelphia

  2. I wear black, beige, red, and white (mostly in tops) and I have one set of earrings, a pearl drop necklace (both gifts from Steve) that I wear every single day. The simplicity helps me get ready quickly and I can pack and travel with relative ease. So excited about Spooner #4!

  3. Since we are due at the same time, i'm in the EXACT same place...dreaming of my future wardrobe. I love the sweatshirt/sweater and skinny jean look. I've been trying to buy a few nicer pieces of jewelry instead of a ton of crappy pieces, and i'm in love with Noonday Jewelry. Google and check them out. All their pieces are so unique and beautiful and handmade and they have a wonderful mission.


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