First Day of First Grade

Officially, we have a first grader!

Stephen was eager to start a new year. I love this picture with his good buddy, Townes.

Here's last year

His love language is physical touch, can you tell?

One of my favorite things about Stephen's school is the elementary age kids are dismissed at 12:30. I love this unusual schedule, and I think it is a real gift to the families. The idea is you have time to do your homework, rest, be with family, and do extra curricular activities- unhurried. 

Three cheers for a new year!

A tip from my friend, Beth, about school uniforms...come home and change right away. This will prolong the life of the uniform. They ain't cheap.

We are trying to start and keep this habit. We are 1 for 1, so far.  

P.S. Tomorrow is baby day! Will keep you posted.


  1. Hooray for Stephen! What a precious guy, and I love the photo of the three of them. How precious!!!

  2. Excited for you! Tomorrow is William's birthday, too!

  3. sweet! I always make my kids change out of their uniforms, too, although I must say it makes for a lot of laundry if their uniform got dirty and then they add a set of play clothes. . . still trying to teach my children when to throw clothing in the dirty laundry bin.


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