My Girls + A Few Baby Things

Y'all, we are having the best week! Baby Caroline is the sweetest. My mom is here helping and even though she broke my coffee pot of eight years, I'm glad she's staying for a couple more days. We couldn't survive (or thrive) without her!

The baby is easy. It's the older kids that challenge me to my wits end.

Regardless, I've nothing but love for these girlies! And the boys, too. These are sweet times that I'll long for the rest of my life.

A few things you might need to know about...

It's not like me to mention unmentionables on my blog, but this nursing bra is by far the best I've ever owned. It's so soft and comfortable you could sleep in it, and it gives a lot of support and provides a natural shape under your clothes. And the price! $14.99

This set of Carter's onesies is working great as Caroline's daily uniform. I really like the colors.

One of my readers mentioned how she likes to have a lot of places to set her baby down safely around the house. I have a rock n' play in our bedroom, but also got this bouncy seat to keep in the kitchen. Except my kids keep moving it to other rooms. It's driving me CRAZY. That and the constant removal of sofa cushions.


  1. I've been thinking about you and am so glad for this easy welcome of Caroline into your life. I love the photos and think Laurie is beginning to look so much like you! Much love to everyone (and hope you get a great new coffee pot soon.)

  2. ps - Please tell Laurie that her haircut is THE BEST! She is perfectly adorable as a big sister.

  3. Laurie is holding on to Caroline so well in that first picture! Oh how I wish we had a newborn at our house again. Cherish this sweet time!

  4. awww, adorable girls! Wish I had known about that nursing bra earlier. I finally found some I liked (at Motherhood Maternity) but that was after several trials and errors - all of this with a new baby in tow. sheesh.


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