Kindergarten, here we come!

I've been to two rehearsal dinners this summer, and at both, the parents recalled how fast time went.

One day they are born; the next they are off to kindergarten. It's true. I blinked, and now I've got a school boy.

We chose the sweetest school with a three day a week, half day kindergarten. It's just our speed. Stephen keeps saying "I love my new school, Mama" and he was all smiles when I picked him up in the carpool line. I hope the rest of his year goes as well as the first day.


I love this boy. I like this boy.

This last pic is Stephen and his good buddy, proud as pie on their first day. We are so thankful for good friends making the transition with us.

To be expected, I cried a few tears in my second cup of coffee on the way home.

But the dominating emotion around here is excitement for a new school year!


  1. Big day for y'all!! He's just adorable!

  2. Love the pictures!! Can't believe he is in Kindergarten; he was just born just a little while ago!

  3. So cute. I love the uniforms. Lauren

  4. Tell Stephen that I think he's the handsomest kindergartener I have ever, ever seen and that I am so proud of him. I'll look forward to hearing all about school and his teacher and all that he's doing and learning. And I love and like him too. He's a wonderful, wonderful kid.

  5. warms my heart! We have similar uniforms and I LOVE uniforms! Should write a post about how thrifty they are :)

  6. So adorable! Looking so big! Glad it was a good first day for Stephen and you!


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