Yellow In Small Doses

I like yellow, in small doses. Over the weekend I took a can of yellow spray paint and got after these frames for the baby's room. One was white, one was brown. So now they are a matching yellow for these Runaway Bunny illustrations I ripped out of one of our multiple copies.

And this little yellow foot stool is one of those life changing epiphanies. I bought it from JoAnn's for $20. It was sturdy, raw wood, and Stephen said he could not make it for less than $20.

Every night when we tell the kids "okay, it's time to brush teeth," they run to the bathroom and lose their minds over who's going to use the stool first. No one can get on board with taking turns.

And it comes at the worst time, the end of the day. Frankly, I don't handle it well.

This sturdy, little addition greatly helps our situation.


  1. love your spots of yellow! I adore using pictures from children's books - I often use them for cards.

    You described the non-sharing incident so well - I had to laugh in recognition. Our kids are in the bickering stage and I often cannot get them to JUST STOP.

  2. "lose their minds" over who is going to use the stool first . . . I laughed OUT LOUD!

  3. We've been losing our minds over here, too! I've been locking myself in my bathroom a lot lately.

    (By the way, love the yellow and love your style!)


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