On My Way To Photo Organization

For quite some time I have been so burdened by the fact that I don't have any of my photos printed since 2010. That's 5 years! I barely have a hard copy photo of Laurie or George.

Break a mother's heart.

The beginning of this year I said this is the year of action. I even claimed that word - action - as my word of the year. I knew it was well past time to print my pictures.

I wrote about how I was going to spend 15 minutes a day selecting photos to print. But winter and sickness and so much missed school through me off my game. 

Now I'm back on that horse. I just received  my first order of prints and I LOVED holding the photos in my hand. Warm and fuzzy feelings overfloweth. A picture paints a thousand words.

Also, my children adore looking at photos.

I went through a phase when I wanted to do photo books, the fancy hardcover kind. I especially loved the few I did using My Publisher.

However, I think it takes SO. MUCH. TIME. And I kinda become a perfectionist when doing photo books. 

And then one day I came across Soule Mama's post about how she organizes her photos. I liked the utilitarian way she used giant photo albums. No need to reinvent the wheel. Even more, I loved how she had thin, white borders on her prints. They frame the photo and really make the picture pop.

So I've taken up the same approach. I'm using We R Memory Keepers Classic 12X12 leather album in navy and these We R Memory Keeper sleeves.

I asked my Facebook friends where the best place to print photos was and I got a dozen answers. So, I decided to go with the cheapest and whoever was running the best deal, which happened to be Snapfish last week. I got 200 photos for $0.07 a piece, total about $16.00. I plan to jump around and use a few different companies. Cost is a big factor. 
(Still waiting to write on the labels - can't decide how I want to do that yet.)

Next week is Spring Break so I plan to dedicate some serious time to work on more photos.

One lesson I've already learned is that I must be more selective and truly pick the best of the best. I only need a representation of the pictures I've taken. Otherwise, I will have to rent a storage unit to house these photo albums. Ideally, I'd like to get two years worth of pictures in one album.


What about you? Do you find this task as overwhelming as I do? Are you up to date on printing out your photos? What are your best tips?


  1. Pretty cool! If you can, it might be helpful to make notes about where and who on your pix (or at least on the albums). I have old photos that I can't, for the life of me, remember where they were taken -- and I wish that I could.

    Your albums are gorgeous, by the way, and I - like your kids - love real photographs. (And that photo of the little hand getting a goldfish on top of the album is priceless.)

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  2. I love when you post on this because I find your approach realistic and low-key. Please keep talking about this! I know this won't be my action year ("new baby" says it all), but I want to have a plan. Right now, I just triple save my photos digitally, make a photo calendar for my dad every year, and print out a few to hang on our photo wall.

  3. I love this. I've tried the hardcover books but I always get overwhelmed with getting it "right." My grandfather has album upon album of prints from his high school years into our growing up years and everyone always loves looking through them. The great thing about having prints is that we can sneak out a copy of our grandmother with a fabulous 60's beehive hairdo - can't do that with a hardcover album :) I usually do prints on my kids birthdays (both to display and give away) but then the languish in manilla envelopes...you've inspired me!

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