Swimsuits + Toys + A Fun Art Project

Thanks for your overwhelmingly warm response to my last post about feeding my family. I hope to elaborate on the topic over the next few weeks!

Today, how about a quick word on little girls' swimwear, toys, and a fun, easy art project?!

I majorly prefer that little girls wear one piece swimsuits. One mama/blogger totally summed up my reasons in a post Bikinis.Yes or No?

"There is nothing sexual about a little girl’s chest, so when you put a bikini top on it, it draws unnecessary attention."

I completely agree!

photo credit: my sister, last summer


As you all know, I love cleaning and purging toys! Every time I do it, my children play better and for longer, and life is good for all.

There's a lot of little bits and broken toys I'm sneaking off to the trash, but these 3 Melissa and Doug trucks are keepers. George (2 1/2 y.o.) prefers these to any battery powered toy we own.

here, here, and here

I have gotten rid of all the small pieces that come with the truck on the left. As they were scattered to the far corners of the house, I collected them and threw them out. 

We had a good rain on Friday afternoon, and Stephen, Laurie and I had a great time drawing "night scenes" using pastels on black construction paper.

 The city scene is mine.

Can you believe it's July 1st tomorrow?! 


  1. Love this posting! The city drawings - yours and theirs - are spectacular.

  2. I totally agree with the one piece bathing suit sentiment. In fact, I'd extend that through the preteen years. I cringe when I see 9 year old in tiny bikinis!!

    -Kim from Philadelphia

  3. Just wait for the Lego phase... if you can figure out a good way to corral them- every mom in the country will want to know your strategy!!

    - Kim from Philadelphia

  4. I agree on the girls' swimsuits with one caveat: we like tankinis for easier potty-breaks and changing :) And I only buy suits from Lands' End at the end of the season (for next year) because of their quality and usually-nice designs.


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