I Love Amazon + Summer Supplies

Y'all, what did I do before Amazon Prime? Seriously, it has saved me countless errands and no doubt money because it keeps me out of stores. I know it's a huge virtual store, but still  I think I come out better by doing most of my shopping online.

Here are some goodies I've ordered (or have on my wish list) lately to stock up for summer. Several of these items I've mentioned before. I consider these my summer supplies.

1. Design Mom Fun book for me! Treat yo self. I already mentioned how much I enjoyed reading Design Mom. I got so much inspiration from this book, and it just keeps on giving me ideas, validation, and confidence about designing our home to look nicer and work harder for us. This was such a fun, happy read to kick off my summer!

2. Printing Practice Handwriting Workbook for Boys My rising first grader is using this to keep up with his handwriting. Because it's "for boys" he gives me a little less attitude.

3. Chalk pastels. An artist friend said the bold colors make for the best kid art. She recommended using them outside because they get a bit messy. She also said they look really cool on black paper. Can't wait to try them!

4. Plastic rainbow cups. Each of my 3 kids has an assigned color, and it keeps them from using 10 different cups a day and drinking after each other (and me).

5. Both of my boys have a these swim shorts (in the blue and coral). They are totally frattastic, having a classic look about them that I love! And they are only $10! I have a picture of my dad as a little boy in the 1950's wearing an almost identical style. I ordered 2 more pair in navy for next year.

Also, I was swimming with my friend today and her two boys were wearing them. She said she gets complements all the time!

6. Sunscreen. Duh!

7. More zinnia seeds. I have plans to plant some of this seed/fertilizer mix this weekend.

8. These red and white checked napkins are on my wish list. I'm thinking of converting to mostly cloth napkins. Has anyone else out there done this (with kids)? Is it annoying or something you easily adjust to?

So what are your summer supplies?!

Also, do you feel overwhelmed with shopping errands? If so, I cannot say enough great things about Amazon Prime. The membership fee is $100/ year. For that, you get 2 free day shipping on prime items, instant video, and unlimited photo storage space. It's a deal.

I do mourn the idea of not supporting local stores. But my sanity is on the line here!


  1. I'm a minimalist, so very few things are Amazon essentials for me.
    We use cloth napki ha and home and do not use paper plates and cups. We use napkin rings or you can use different colored ribbon for each family member- just tie it around the napkin. We can get several uses out of them and launder when soiled.
    I avoid Target and other stores. Costco is really the only store shopping I enjoy

    -Kim from Philadelphia

  2. Yes!! Cloth napkins for the win!! I actually bought all of mine at a thrift store👍. I just keep them all in a copper bucket (unfolded) beside the kitchen table, I thought the extra laundry would be a pain but they are so tiny I haven't even noticed.

  3. what a nice bright collection!

    I've been using cloth napkins for years. We have our names printed on wooden clothespins and then we can keep a cloth napkin going for more than one meal if we're careful - kids get better as they get older, of course :)

    I just chuck the napkins in with regular wash. I dry them in the sun which helps with stains, or you can soak them in Oxyclean for a few hours or days. My napkins are all white or blue or combinations, so they kind of go together, but I can pick them up cheap when I see them. Check out this blog post for Marisa's advice on cheap cloth napkins: http://foodinjars.com/2015/02/best-cheapest-cloth-napkins/comment-page-1/#comment-717176
    I bought a set of red ones on amazon to use for parties and school treats.

  4. awesome tips, everybody. thanks!

  5. Yes to cloth napkins! I just cut fabric in squares and zigzagged around the edges to keep them from fraying..... I made simon some elmo ones and he loves them! Started using them because he kept wiping his hands on his clothes.... I don't feel like it's extra laundry b/c they're so small.


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