Zinnias and "Gardening" with Kids

Zinnias are my favorite! Every summer I get so excited about planting a little Zinnia garden and having fresh cut flowers. No years have I been successful until this summer.

Here's what I've learned. You need good dirt, full sun (close to 6 hours a day), moderate water, and well drained soil. Seriously, they need the sun. I've learned the hard way.

My expert gardener friend, James, says you can plant them as early as Easter weekend and recommends planting a few batches of seeds in two to three week intervals so they just keep blooming and blooming.

I forgot to do this, but its not too late. Since it stays so warm well into September in the South, I've still got plenty of time to get a couple more rounds of seeds in the ground.

One thing I've learned over the years about "gardening" with kids is to focus on one or two plants or herbs per year. There's a temptation to put tons of stuff in the ground, and then it becomes so overwhelming to maintain it all with children underfoot. Unless gardening is really your thing, it's best to go small and celebrate the little victories.

I like becoming proficient with a new flower or herb each year and slowly adding to my repertoire that way.

My kids have loved on our little Zinnia garden. For weeks they would check on it every day. You can imagine how excited we all were when we finally saw the first bloom!


  1. great advice! I will have to try this. I love zinnias too and I will take small victories right now! Love your blue and white ginger jar lamp in the last pic! where did you find it?

  2. My mom received the ginger jar as a gift probably 30 years ago and had it made into a lamp. At some point she handed it down to me. I love it.


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