Last Week's and This Week's Goals

I felt so ambitious about summer before summer actually arrived. I was going to exercise everyday, teach my children a bunch of Bible verses, do lots of house projects, read read read, and craft with my kids like crazy.


So instead, I've been writing down a few goals for each week, hoping to get through half the list, and counting it as a win if I do. I'm still doing all those things I listed above, but on a much lesser scale than I imagined.

Last week's goals

4 walks (went on 3)
3 blog posts
finish sorting and organizing 2014 pictures (got through the first 6 months)
children's reading - read through James Herriot (we lack two chapters)

This week's goals

3 walks
3 blog posts
get Stephen to do 3 pages in his workbook
finish sorting photos through May 2015
children's reading - finish last 2 chapters in James Herriot
                              - read Blueberries for Sal, Ferdinand, & 2 stories from The Jesus Storybook Bible
sew bunting for Laurie's room
plant Zinnia seeds
organize master drawers and closet

I've set the bar a little higher this week because I'm feeling it!

And I started off with a bang this morning and really cranked through some of 2014's photos. I had to turn a blind eye to the house to make it happen though. But that's okay. There is something about writing a goal down that gives me permission to say no everything else and work on the task.

The house, laundry, and general mess are always waiting for me when I can get back to it. 

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