In January, after the Christmas tree was thrown out, I bought a few succulents at Lowes. My friend James taught me that succulents basically thrive on neglect. And it's true! All I do is put them near a sunny window and sprinkle a little water on them when the soil is looking really parched.

If I can wipe down my kitchen counter tops with a little Mrs. Meyers and gaze upon my succulents, then all is right with the world.

I think house plants make a home seem a little more put together. Plus I love all the colors that succulents come in - greens and deep purples.

And how economical that they last for so long! Mine are going on 2 + months. They get you through those gray winter days. Also, succulents would make the perfect gift - for a teacher, sick friend, new mom, etc. 

My cleaning schedule is not so hot this week. I guess it's on hold for other projects.

P.S. This is one of my favorite decorating books - The Perfectly Imperfect Home


  1. Darling! And we tried your spinach recipe last night. It was absolutely splendid. We had spinach cooked just as you describe and scrambled eggs - a true feast!

    1. so glad y'all liked the spinach! we will have to try that with eggs. yum.


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