4 Go-To Frugal Breakfasts

A couple of years ago I stopped buying cereal to save money on groceries, and I think it made a large, positive impact in our grocery budget, especially as my kids were getting older and eating bigger portions. Not to mention all the milk we went through. Also, when cereal is in the house Stephen and I are tempted to eat it as a before bedtime snack.

That being said, if I know a hard week is coming up or I'm in a difficult season, Cheerios are there for me. But generally, we don't eat a lot of cereal.

So today I thought I'd share our 4 go-to frugal breakfasts and my best tips for making them extra tasty.

1. oatmeal - Butter. I add a tablespoon of butter to the pot. (My husband taught me this. He makes the best oatmeal.) And then we typically add some brown sugar and frozen blueberries.

2. grits - Chicken bullion. Season the water with a little bit of chicken bullion powder. It's salty so you barely have to add salt. Also, If you have some cream cheese on hand - delicious.

3. scrambled eggs - Cook on low heat, slowly so you don't over cook. Also, add a pat of butter while cooking.

4. cheese toast - Use good cheese. I only make cheese toast when I have leftover cheese from something else. I don't go out of my way to buy cheese for just cheese toast. And definitely no Kraft singles.

I must give an honorable mention to peanut butter toast and avocado toast. But mostly I just eat these, not the kids.

So what are your favorite breakfasts? 


P.S. This is an old article, but I like the advice....

Family Finance: How to Save Money on Groceries


  1. Yummy breakfast...
    We do blue berry muffins... or toast /eggs or pancakes..

  2. love this! I'm the same way with commercial cereal. We do all these breakfasts (although eggs keep getting more expensive - grrrr), and I also love baked oatmeal. I almost always mix it up the night before and set it in the oven on timed bake. I freeze the leftovers, and then that's another breakfast. I sometimes put fruit directly in the baked oatmeal, but sometimes we put fruit on top and I usually put yogurt on mine, too.

    Also, pancakes. I make these from scratch on Saturday mornings, and then freeze the leftovers. I reheat them in the toaster oven for a quick school morning breakfast. I make pancake syrup by essentially making a simple syrup and flavoring it with real maple syrup (another expensive thing). Here's my post on this: http://thriftathome.blogspot.com/2010/09/thrifty-pancake-syrup.html (although I usually use a bit more water and I've stopped adding vanilla).

    Breakfasts and Brunches

  3. I eat frequently eat baked oatmeal. I soak the oats overnight and mix it up in the morning to bake. I eat on it all week long. If I get sick of that, I'll make an egg fritatta and eat on that all week long.


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