Spring Break + Goals

We are in the land of Fruit Loops, Coke, Sprite, shopping trips, iPads and steak dinners. Yes, we are visiting my parents for spring break and having so much fun!

The weather has been beautiful, truly spring-like, and we have been soaking it up.

Gave Stephen another home haircut yesterday.

I had 3 personal goals at the start of this week since I'm not at home with my usual responsibilities.

This top was my Stitch Fix keeper...a creamy/tan short sleeved, sweater. 
Great for spring and will be great for fall too. I've worn it 4 times in two weeks.

1. Put a big dent in Les Mis. I've been reading Les Miserables for quite some time. Trouble is I fall asleep whenever I have time to read. So I usually only read a chapter or two. This week, I've read a couple hundred pages, and I still have more time.

2. Exercise. So far I've gone on a good walk Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. And I've done a workout video twice. I loved this post...Mom's Guide to Exercise.

3. Work on photos. I have selected and ordered through June of 2011. Remember I was backed up to '09. So I have half of 2011, and all of 2012, 2013, and 2014 to go. But I've made some huge strides and I'm inspired and motivated. I'd like to get through 2012 before I make way back home this weekend.

Today is a little rainy so I'm taking Stephen and Laurie to see Cinderella.


  1. Hello, I enjoy popping into your blog every now and again, but am not much of a commenter. But, I just had to mention that top picture of your girl, next to your blog picture on the right - wow! You sure can tell you are Mommy-daughters! So cute! Shauna

  2. love that rainbow tee-shirt - did you make it?

    And how did you like Cinderella? Thinking of taking my girl to see it. . .

    Also, LOVE how you made yourself 3 personal goals in place of the home routines. I must remember that for the next time I'm away from home.

    1. No, I didn't make it. Ordered it off of Etsy. If I can find the shop I'll try to share it.

      Long story about Cinderella. My children had a meltdown so we didn't go :(


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