It's been too long! Greetings, Happy New Year!

I confess, I pushed snooze when the new year rolled around. Typically, I'm eager to drag out the Christmas tree on December 26th, make New Year's resolutions, and clean up and clean out. But this year I dragged. 

About a week ago, I realized I needed some direction.  So I made some goals.

1. Exercise five times a week. Two of the times will be long walks on the weekends. The other three times, I need to fit in during the weekdays. This gives me two days I don't have to face it. I think that's a nice amount of margin.

Up until recently, I've been relying completely on Pure Barre for my exercise - and I still love it. But for the sake of my time, money, and schedule right now I'm going to make it a once in a while thing when I need an extra hard workout.

2. Deal with my photos. Sort through all my digital files and print the best of the best. My action plan is to spend 15 minutes a day choosing pictures, uploading them, and printing them at Costco. I'm going to do print orders 6 months of pictures at a time. I'm almost half way through 2010. Fifteen minutes is realistic, about the only amount of uninterrupted time I can get. Also, I feel like I only have the capacity to do this project in small batches.

3. Keep a cleaner house. I created a cleaning schedule this week. I already have an order in which I do things every day, but I've never been one for cleaning schedules room by room. This has been my first week and I love the freedom the schedule gives me to focus on certain areas on certain days.

Monday- bathrooms
Tuesday- kitchen
Wednesday- kids bedrooms
Thursday - master bedroom
Friday - living areas

It will be interesting to see if it sticks.


It's amazing how having these few little goals has helped me seize my free time this week. I'm so directionless without a goal.

What about you?

So, do you have any goals/resolutions this year? I know people get annoyed by them. But I've found I can't get anything done without them!


  1. Impressive, SB. I don't call mine "goals" but I do keep an ongoing to do list/plan that helps me stay somewhat sane. I clean room by room, top to bottom (floors last), exercise every day (run/walk/etc), and tackle one project (cleaning closets or garage, getting ready for taxes, etc. each month). It sort of works.

    Darling pictures of Laurie and George. Tell Laurie I love her little pony tail!! And love to all of you, Spooners.

  2. Sarah, do you ever use Shutterfly? The send coupons about every 2 months for 101 free prints. You just pay for shipping. I use it to catch up on printing my pics.

    1. No, I haven't used Shutterfly. I need to look into it. Thanks.

  3. I do love me some to-do lists and goals :) I do laundry every day, walk the kids to school every day (exercise), and we divide the cleaning between 2 days. I try to tackle one disliked project a week (getting ready for taxes this week - ugh). I had some loose goals about devotions which so far I have not kept. I don't need to make kitchen/cooking goals because I love that work and would much prefer to do that over cleaning and organizing.

    1. Same with me about the kitchen/cooking goals. I like food too much to let that go by the wayside.


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