A Patch

I've developed a real appreciation for mending and patching my kids clothes. It saves money and I love that feeling of sucking all potential value out of and item.

I used wonder under to stable the patch and then secured it with a hand stitch.

It came a little loose in the washing machine, so I tried again. Seems good now.

These jeans will be too short for Stephen next year, and I was thinking I'd put them away for George. But Laurie borrowed them the other day for an outdoor activity and (husband) Stephen and I agreed that they looked so cute on her.

So, looks like sister gets to get some use out of these jeans. I have found that some clothes and especially shoes work so well interchangeably for boys and girls.

Again, this saves money and you get more mileage out of your clothes and shoes!

Also, it's about time for some more homemade haircuts at my house.


  1. love the x-patch! Ben occasionally puts on his sister's jeans before he realizes :) I guess I never thought of unisex pants/jeans, but I do that a lot with coats and boots.

    I sometimes save holey jeans to make into summer shorts if the jeans aren't needed but shorts are. Depending on how much time I have, I just cut them off and run a blue zig zag stitch around the fray to keep the fray under control - or I cover the raw edge with bias tape or pretty ribbon.

    1. I totally thought of you when I was sewing this patch and writing this post.


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