Social Media Break

I'm doing a little experiment. I deleted my Instagram app from my phone and I changed my Facebook password, making it so complicated I can't remember it.

I have a love/hate relationship with IG and FB. Love keeping up with people, hate the addictive nature of it all. I just know I need a break.

The way the content of Instagram and Facebook is presented is so short and easy to consume it requires almost no attention span. It's training my brain to have no patience or discipline.

I'd so much rather blog with the time I have to be on the computer. I want to produce more and consume less. I feel so much healthier when I'm doing that. And if I need to connect, I can have a friend over or call or send an e-mail or text.

Lately the phrase be a woman of action has been running through my head. I want to print out those photos and put them in an album, paint that room, write the note, try the recipe, have those friends over to eat. I'm trying to throw off unnecessary distractions and do more.

Taking a break from Insta and FB is just one step in the right direction, I think. Less pulling of my mind. It's minutes upon minutes of my life back.

On a sort of related note...here are some pictures of the baby bird my kids tortured all yesterday morning. We found it on our back porch. I was more inclined to grab my real camera since I had no Insta. It's amazing the photography skills I've lost since I've had an iPhone.

Poor bird. I promise I intervened and made them put it down.


One of my best friend's husbands wrote this great article Why I Stopped Using Facebook

A while back I read Hamlet's Blackberry. I really liked it.

This book looks interesting Alone Together

After listening to this podcast on Life in Grace I was inspired to pick up Les Mis and give it another try. I'm a few chapters in.


  1. Way to go.. so disciplined of you!

  2. Slow clap…you're awesome. Proud of you for being disciplined in an area so many are completely out of control in these days. Love the pictures of the littles. Can't wait to show H the FB article - he has a pretty intense hatred for all things social media and will feel vindicated. :) And keep on with Les Mis! It's the best!!

  3. Totally agree with you! I might try that password thing!!

  4. so insightful. I have kept off instagram and FB instinctively - couldn't really put it into words, but you just did! I've also laid off Pinterest recently, too. I have plenty of inspiration already, thank you very much.

    Hope you like Les Mis. I skipped whole chapters of Hugo's philosophizing when I read it :)

  5. You are so inspiring, and I look forward to more blog posts!

  6. Ugh. Yes to all of this. I want to be you when I grow up. :) You are so insightful!!!

  7. Love the pics of your "bird-focused kids."

  8. Girl. Did you know I needed to read this today or something? I love FB so much that I hate it. Crazy how quickly something good can turn bad. Thanks for being honest.

  9. Love this, SB! And I loved Edie's podcast on challenging ourselves in that way. You inspire me!!! I need to come for a visit when y'all are all settled!


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