Summer Things

With most of our traveling behind us, I feel like our summer is just now really getting started. We've had quite a few lazy mornings and they have been glorious! Not having to get everybody dressed, ready, and out the door at a certain time is my favorite. 

If we go anywhere, it is to the farmer's market or the pool. But we set our own agenda.

In an effort to maintain a little morning structure, I do make the kids (eventually) get dressed and then Laurie and Stephen have to "make" their beds. This deal has been going strong for about two weeks, and they are to the point where they need minimal help from me and they are taking enormous pride in their work! 


My afternoon rest time looks like this most days. By the way, I'm loving Les Mis. I'm past the very detailed beginning and getting into the thick of the plot. There's nothing like a good book for summer reading, right?!

Stephen is big in to playing doctor lately. Pictured here, he's wearing his doctor outfit, a short sleeved collared shirt and khaki pants. That is what our pediatrician wears, so naturally when he's playing Dr. Spooner he's properly in uniform. Don't you know George loved having his foot taped up and the scissors being used so closely to his toe?!

George is George. Just so dad gum cute all he time.

We had a great 4th, swimming at my sister's house and cooking out with friends. We enjoyed a pot luck style feast. All the friends brought sides and dips, and my bro-in-law grilled the most delicious bbq chicken.

Also, we loved having daddy home for a 3 day weekend.


I'm still on my Facebook and Instagram fast. And y'all, I'm loving the break. I feel like I'm getting more done and really sticking to my priorities. I actually feel more rested because my mind is not scrolling through news feeds.

The other day I was washing my big chopping block in the kitchen sink, the sun was shining through the window, and I was so enjoying the moment with nothing else I was supposed to be doing. There was nothing nagging me in the background. No phone to check. Take me back to 1999!

I know I will pop in periodically on FB and IG, but I might be done with those things as a part of my normal, everyday life. I know they are not this huge of a distraction for everyone, and I don't mean to imply that social media is morally wrong. It's just, for me, they are more of a hindrance than an asset in my life.


Happening in my kitchen this week...

I made these turkey wraps. Yum.

And I have a half batch of the Pioneer Woman's iced coffee cold brewing. 

Be back soon.

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  1. Dad gum cute - I love that! And he is so very dad gum cute!

    When are you moving? Did you sell your house?


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