Places to Go People to See

As much as I'm looking forward to those pumpkin muffins, and as badly as the summer started, I have to admit that we have had/are having some really great times this summer.

For starters, we have had so much QT with friends and family. Also, the Lord has placed an adventurous spirit within me.

The combination of these two things makes me feel like I've come out from under a rock.
For the past half decade, I've been in the zone, having babies and taking care of babies. But this summer, everyone is at a great age. We leave the house a lot, sometimes for hours or a couple of days if we are feeling crazy. As a group, we have energy and stamina. We're reasonably flexible. All I need is a diaper we're good to go! I'll buy wipes when I get there.

We have places to go...and people to see!

Last week, we went with friends to the zoo, the $1 movie, and I enjoyed a night out with girls sipping on a margarita and sharing a quesadilla with my sister.

pics from our zoo adventure...
(did I really need to clarify that?)


Over the weekend, I took the kids to Jackson to visit my fam and go to a dear family friend's wedding. I hesitated to go because (big) Stephen could not go with us, and 4.5 hours in the car with me being the only one over age 5, well, I was a littler nervous. But the car ride was totally fine and I'm so glad I went!

The rehearsal dinner and wedding were so great.
My kids got to play with my cousin's children.
I got to hang out with my mom, dad, and brother.
I had a great visit with my aunt and uncle I don't see very often. And they, along with my cousin, babysat during all the wedding festivities.

I'm encouraged. It feels good to get out and see the world and be with friends.

Georgie is such a trooper, too.

After our long days adventuring, when the kids are finally tucked in bed, (big) Stephen and I love to snuggle down and watch an episode or two of Band of Brothers. Sometimes there's ice cream.


What about you? Are you having a home summer or adventurous summer?

More importantly, have you seen Band of Brothers?


  1. EVERY time I get out with the kiddos I think "Wow, that actually made me feel a lot better!" Sometimes deciding to be brave and get out is the hardest part!!!

    Robert and I love Band of Brothers!

  2. Georgie makes me want to squeeze somebody. Seriously, the cutest thing. I'm with you on the getting out of the house. Crazy how refreshing a little fellowship can be.

    Scott and I just finished House of Cards. I'm going to suggest Band of Brothers next! Thanks!

  3. What zoo has that ski lift/gondoloa ride? My headcount is five when we trek - four kids 8, 6, 5, and 2 and me! We started the summer going on adventures (berry picking and then a trip to Cathedral Caverns) and it went great and the kids had a wonderful time......so reading this I'm kicking myself that we haven't been MORE adventurous! We do have a day trip planned to Little River Canyon next week. Living in Huntsville, there are lots of fun things to do within reasonable driving distance. Yes, love BoB.

  4. Gina said they loved, loved, loved having your kids at their house. And I can certainly understand that. They are wonderful!!!


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