New Casa

Thank you all for praying for us and for your kind words about the loss of our baby. It makes all the difference. We feel loved.

Overall, we are doing well. In some weird ways, better than ever. Death is sobering.

As I've physically healed, my heart has followed. It's just sad - Stephen and I keep saying. And it will always be there. But even now, just a few weeks out, God is supernaturally providing healing, encouragement, and the peace that passes understanding. I'm grateful.

Also, it's good to be back to reality - fixing meals, yelling at my kids, scrubbing toilets. Thank you Lord for the mundane work before me! I have a new appreciation for regular ol' Tuesdays.

Work is therapeutic.

Another turn of events for us....we bought a new house! This is such a happy thing for our little fam. The deal was a short sale (and there was nothing short about it). We have been pursuing this house for over a year, officially had a contract on it for 9 months, and finally closed on June 6th - the day we left the hospital after the miscarriage.

Losing a baby and buying a house are in two entirely different categories as life events go, but the timing was incredible. This happy, longed for thing happened on our darkest day. You can't plan that. It was providential.

The LORD gave, and the LORD has taken away; blessed be the name of the LORD Job 1:21

New house has 3 fire places and a HUGE yard. We are re-doing the kitchen and it is located on the end of a long cul-de-sac which is perfect for riding bikes. Also, several of our friends live within walking distance. Praise Jesus for new beginnings!


  1. YEA!!!! So excited to have you across the street. Loved meeting your sweet babies the other day. Please don't hesitate for one second to let me know if we can do anything!

  2. this is excellent news! Congrats on your new house - can't wait to see what you do with it :)

  3. Yeah! Very excited for you all!

  4. LOVE the house. SO COZY! Hugs to y'all!

  5. Three fireplaces! I love it already. So glad for this.

  6. SB, so proud of your patience and perseverance to follow through with a short sale! I know how draining those can be! I know that new place will be such a blessing to y'all. Love how these things always work themselves out, timing-wise. Can't wait to see what you do with the place! Keep us posted!

  7. Bitter sweet days! So very sorry for your loss. I do not know you but am grateful for your perspective on life. I feel certain you have wonderful days ahead in your new house which you and Stephen are certain to make into a great home. Thanks for your blog.

  8. Praise God for new beginnings! Amen and amen, SB!

  9. Happy for your new beginnings! You deserve it after all you have been through :)


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