Saving $$ Buying Kid's Clothes and Swimwear for Next Summer

There are so many summer sales going on right now. It is the perfect time to stock up for next year. I have never bought children's clothing so far ahead of a season, but I feel like my children are in a good grove with their growing and they stay true to their age and size.

So I'm taking the opportunity to buy some clothes for next summer! I ordered Laurie this super cute bathing suit in a size up from Old Navy. Also, I could not resist this darling star dress from Gap.

I think the secret is to have self control and not over buy just because everything is on sale. What about you? Do you shop this way, buying ahead for next year?


  1. That swimsuit is the cutest thing. We're just now easing into the stage where I can buy for next season. Big fan of Old Navy and Gap Kids. They really do have the best deals. Gap is one of two credit cards I own, because the coupons for card-holders are GREAT. I'm always really impressed with how well their clothes hold up, too, after lots of washes.

  2. We used to do this for the Givens crew back in the day! We have switched to a lot of thrift store shopping so that we can still find $3 shirts now and then. It was great to see you and Stephen at the wedding and catch up a bit!! -Sherri

  3. I LOVE to do this for swim wear! For myself, too. The rest of the kids' clothes, I have pretty good luck with hand-me-downs and thrift store finds. I agree with the self-control part. I am seeing kids at the pool with a several different swim suits and I would not do that - my kids wear one suit a summer and wear it out.


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