My Favorite Diet Book

French Women Don't Get Fat is my favorite (not really a diet) diet book. I love the common sense "secrets" that the author claims to have kept French women thin for generations. It goes something like this:
quality food over quantity food
smaller portions
drinking more water
lots of walking
shopping local markets for in season produce

Sounds fun, right?

I was telling a friend about this book and she pointed out that lots of French women smoke, curbing their temptation to overeat. Probably true.

Regardless, I got so much out of this book. I read it a couple of years ago when I was trying to lose some baby weight after I had Laurie and now it's the only "diet" I subscribe to. Recently I started listening to it on audible.com (which is another post for another day - my love of audio books).

Some of my other favorite food reads:
French Kids Eat Everything
Dinner a Love Story


This summer we have been regulars at the farmer's market. I love shopping this way. Almost every Tuesday morning you can find me loading up on a week's worth of produce and occasionally - flowers!

Last Tuesday's lunch.


  1. Love me a French book! I'll have to check it out. I recall reading somewhere, too, that American women eat until they feel full, whereas French women eat only until they are not hungry. That helps me A LOT. Smaller portions have really been beneficial to me - I don't feel deprived, but I don't get plump.

    LOVE your farmer's market routine! I'm going down to mine tomorrow with the kids. I go twice a week in the summer because there's so much stuff that I can't stand not having it every day! We had 4 kinds of fruit at breakfast on Sunday :)

  2. Beautiful pictures of the vegetables and flowers!! I'm really enjoying your return to blogging!! Missed you.


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