Prepping for Baby #5

The count down is on. Mid October will be here in 5 minutes, so I finally decided to get ready for this baby. 

I have a carseat, diapers, and a crib. 

That's pretty much what ya need to get started, right? And a few onesies! 

I'm remembering back to my list of baby essentials and freezer meals.....7 years ago.

32 + weeks

Mini Boden had a sale and I could not resist these. Look at this packaging. Details matter.

It's getting too real. 

We do not have a bedroom or even a closet nursery, so this babe will be sleeping in our room for the unforeseeable future. Wishing and hoping and praying for a good sleeper.

See that dark corner over my shoulder? We cleaned it up a bit this weekend. Baby's going in the corner.

I found this dresser at my favorite flea market over the weekend to hold all her little baby things. Crib still needs to be set up. 

I am excited, anxious, and very close to the GET THIS BABY OUT OF ME stage. 


  1. Congratulations on the bonus baby. :) I too had a bonus baby this past November after a 7 year break. I have 1 more than you with this making #6. My olderst is 15. I smiled at all your comments and completely relate. It is true that these babies are "family babies". It is very different to have so many capable helpers. I do enjoy being able to go to the grocery store and not have to take the baby along because he can stay at home with a teenager. On the other hand, it is a true challenge to balance teen activites like driving a teen back and forth to classes and work all around the needs of a baby. I often think to myself that I probably couldn't have handled this when I was younger - but I'm experienced at it now and have built up to this "level" of mom life! I've been a quiet follower for some time and always enjoy when you post but I don't think I've ever commented. I look forward to seeing the pics of the new baby!

    1. Thank you, Jamie! I love what you said about building up to a more intense "level" of mom life. I so relate. It really is a muscle that can get stronger! - Sarah


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