My Favorites - BABY Things

A reader suggested that I do a post on my favorite baby items. Okay! I love giving advice, solicited or unsolicited.

But I have to say, this is such subjective information. Everyone is so different, every mom, every baby, every house, and life circumstance. These are the baby items and gear that have worked  for me through the experience of mothering three newborns (and the fourth on the way). I count these things as my essentials. And at the end I'll share what I totally can do without.Your preferences may be totally different....and that is fine and good. Whatever works!


1. Chicco infant car seat Gotta have a car seat. I've really liked the Chicco. I spent a painful amount of time researching and shopping for my first baby's infant car seat. I will say, my three babies have used the Chicco and so have my niece and nephew. It's been through a lot and is still holding strong. 

2. Aden + Anais muslin swaddle blankets These blankets are the reason I keep having children. Kidding. But really,  they're wonderful. I like them because they are big and they work great for my big babies. They also make wonderful nursing covers. My recommendation is to forgo buying a nursing cover altogether and just use one of these. The gauzy material tends to stay secure over your shoulder and best of all they are light and breathable! Perfect for summer.

3. A Jenny Lind Crib These cribs are classic and inexpensive. Plus, you can paint them any color you like.

4. Infant gowns or shirts are perfect for all the frequent diapering newborns require. These gowns provide easy access and you don't have to button or zip baby up every single time you change a diaper. This is especially appreciated in the middle of the night.

5. A Boppy I love a Boppy. My deliveries have all been C-sections, and I think this is why I love a Boppy so much. It's nice to have something to hold over your incision and serve as a barrier when nursing. Also, as a former postpartum nurse, I think Boppy(s) are ideal for getting baby in the correct nursing position.

6. These gingham diaper bags with the eyelet lace are my favorite. I know the stylish diaper bags that look like a purse are popular. But my main need for a diaper bag is to leave with my baby in the church nursery. So I prefer the sweet, gingham bag which I love to have monogrammed. I like getting something with my baby's name on it, and it serves the practical purpose of identifying the bag in the nursery.

7. Umbrella strollers are my transportation mode of choice. Once again, I go with Chicco on this one. My babies tend to be big, so within a few weeks they fit are just fine in an umbrella stroller. If I go out in public, I majorly prefer a stroller to a baby carrier like an Ergo or Bjorn. I'm in the minority on this one.

8. Bouncy seat or rock n' play It's nice to have some place to put the baby down besides the crib. I let my babies nap in these things for the first 3-4 months. I would definitely say this is something to borrow. People will practically pay you to take them off their hands. My sister in law just loaned me hers last week.

9. Booster seat I prefer this Fisher Price booster dining seat to a legit highchair because they are inexpensive and portable. Also, I tried the charming wooden highchair when Stephen was a baby and ours did not hold up. Since the wooden one broke, I'm content with plastic and it's been easy to store in between children. Plus I find that the 2nd, 3rd, and beyond babies don't spend as much time eating in a highchair because they see their older brothers and/or sisters not using one. 

I must give an honorable mention to the sound machine. We've always relied on sound machines to get us through naptimes. But thankfully all of my children have outgrown the need for using one at night.

And now here's my short list of items I can painlessly do without or just don't use/need.

nursing cover
grocery cart seat cover
breast pump - I don't pump
crib bumper and bed skirt
sleep sacks
diaper genie

What are your favorite baby things?!


  1. I would have almost the EXACT list. Love all those things, especially the Chicco car seat.

  2. that Chicco stroller is my favorite stroller! Looking forward to using it again.

    I recall liking to have lots of places to put my babies - so I liked the johnny jumper thing (borrowed) and the Bumbo and exersaucer.

    I love my Hotsling for wee babies - it's so small and easy to use that I take it everywhere just in case. A friend gave me a moby carrier and I've watched some youtube how-tos, but it looks complicated and maybe hot in the summer. I tend to like strollers outside the house, but a sling is handy when I want my hands free.

    fun to think about these things :)

  3. thanks for the list! im a first time mom and this is helpful! several people have recommended sleep sacks to me as though they are essential but i notice theyre on your not necessary list...is that bc you use blankets instead or is there something else you use to keep baby warm in the crib? thanks!

    1. When they are itty bitty I just do a tight swaddle and then cover them with a light quilt or baby blanket. When they are a little older I put them in footie pj's - fleece ones in winter. I always have a few blankets in the crib.

  4. Thank you for your response! I asked my question because I had heard (from the same people who recommended sleep sacks, I think. haha) that you are not supposed to put blankets in the crib with them until they are over a year old? I thought that sounded pretty extreme though and secretly kind of wondered if it is necessary. I think your method sounds more reasonable and I'd probably prefer to just use blankets rather than a sleep sack too!


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