Back to School

We are back in school, baby! 

My emotions got the best of me when I snapped this picture. Hopefully my children understood that I was crying happy, sentimental tears. God has been faithful to see us through homeschooling, career changes, and a surprise, but blessedly uneventful pregnancy.

My 11 year old gave me a serious talking to about not getting emotional "at the school." I did ok.

I relished the first day home alone, making myself a real lunch and eating in a quiet house. 

First day of pick up, they were all smiles and good reports x 4!

I'm working HARD on establishing good routines. A family of 5 kids needs order. 
Speaking of large families, ever seen Yours, Mine, and Ours? It's so good. 

Our after school routine goes like this: 

backpacks in lockers
lunch boxes to the kitchen
WASH YOUR HANDS I'm a stickler for this with a newborn coming.
change clothes
snack + free time + homework + activities 

The afternoons are go go go, but it's all good things. We have jumped into cross country and football practices. 

Caroline put this picnic snack together while we waited out a cross country practice last week.

I think Friday night Little Ceasar's is going to be our go-to this season. By the end of the week, 
I. am. done. I think we all are, right?

Here's a tip. Order and pay online at LC. They pop it in a warming drawer and you can just walk in and grab it. No transaction required. 

I'm signing off with my sweet, little 1st grader. We had a rare afternoon just the two of us. We enjoyed a warm chocolate chip cookie + an iced latte + a chocolate muffin and "light" conversation.

"Are God and Jesus the same?" 
"When did Jesus go to heaven?"

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