Freezer Meals I Made Before BABY

chicken spaghetti

chicken pot pie filling 

enchiladas verdes

red beans and rice

white beans and rice


taco soup

Back in July, I started making freezer meals. It was a blessing to my future self.

Our family, friends, and neighbors generously brought meals to us for several weeks after Caroline was born. Seriously, I can't believe how much food people brought us! It truly got me through the double whammy of baby and back to school. A million thank you's.

But, I knew the day would arrive when I would be on my own again in the kitchen. For that, I made the above list of freezer meals. If there is anything more exhilarating than freezing a meal flat in a Ziploc bag, I don't know what that thing is!

If you don't have a deep freezer (I don't), the flat bag method is the way to go.


In case you want some more inspiration....

Freezer Cooking!


  1. oh my gosh, I could not run my house without a deep freeze!! I always have some freezer meals on hand, although I did try to tuck more away before Phoebe was born. And seriously, people bringing meals after a new baby (or illness or moving, etc.) is the best.

  2. Oh my gosh this freezer is a DREAM! What a gift to yourself!

  3. Love your blog :) Don't know how you do it with 4 littles. They are adorable. Saw one of your goals about grocery shopping and just wanted to mention...about a year ago I found a book called America's Cheapest Family...the only chapter I read was the one on how the grocery shop once per month (with 5 kids). Not to be cheap or frugal (though I'm not judging) but just because I HATE GROCERY SHOPPING!!! Anyway, I've gotten down to shopping every other week and I'm working toward every 3 weeks. It's worth the quick read...I checked it out at my local library :)


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