Reader Question: Staying Organized with Spending

A reader sent me this question in an e-mail....

My problem is that I get disorganized and that's when I spend.  By nature, I love to organize, but as you well know life with 3 small kids is chaotic and exhausting.  So, tell me your plan.  Do you do the envelopes?  Do you pay cash for gas? Do you order anything online?  Any suggestions would be appreciated :)

First I must confess, I have yet to perfectly execute my budget.... EVER. Things come up. Life is unpredictable and staying perfectly organized is a real challenge.

When it comes to organization and spending, I believe it is important to understand that maintaining your budget is ongoing. You can't set it and forget it. Checking in every couple of days (or everyday) is the only way to know your standing and stay organized. If you are really in a mess, make it your hobby. Work at it like you would a part time job.

I mentioned in a previous post that I only do the envelope system for groceries. I put gas on the debit card. I order tons of stuff online and work work work to keep up with it all by writing it down on a piece of notebook paper. (There are so many wonderful apps out there that track your spending. I just love paper!)

Here are some other tricks I've learned to stay organized with my spending (with three small children). I'm writing to you, but by you I mean ME.

-Stay organized in general.  If I know what I have, then I know what I need to buy or if I have an excess supply. A few years ago I did a complete overhaul of all our belongings. I sorted, organized, threw away, and gave away so much stuff we didn't need, stuff that was weighing me down in our 1950's built home with tiny storage spaces. I try to have a big clean out once a year, usually in January.

-Automatic draft. I put as many bills as I can on automatic draft. This saves me time, postage, and brain power.

-Plan ahead (for everything). This has been my mantra lately....plan ahead, be prepared. Plan your meals so you don't run out of food and order out. Plan for birthdays and holidays, so you aren't running around last minute buying gifts. Stay stocked on toilet paper, diapers, wipes, so you aren't forced to make an emergency purchase at the most expensive but convenient store. This has been an area I have learned the hard way after many desperate trips for last minute costly items. I have learned to keep inventory and keep us stocked up on supplies. I love subscribe and save on Amazon.

-Allow for an occasional splurge. Designer jeans, good wine, Aveda shampoo, a meal out. Those are just a few areas I (we) splurge on occasionally. Unless things are super tight, there is room for luxury in your life without being overindulgent. Budgeting is not about depriving yourself, but being about being responsible. There is freedom in the fence. Planned splurges are good because they allow you to have a little fun without blowing your plan and making you feel like you've failed.

-Give yourself a limit. This is obvious, but let's just look at an example. Say you love children's clothes. So do the math and ask yourself how much can you can afford to spend on children's clothing while meeting all other financial goals, priorities, and staying out of debt. You may be able to budget enough money each month to fully fund your children's adorable wardrobes.

On the other hand, maybe that number is not as high as you would like it to be. Maybe this is a source of tension between you and your spouse. Put a number on it and either find freedom in the parameters of you budget or find a way to buy less expensive clothing (consigning, eBay, hand me downs from friends). If you have an area of weakness then this may be an area for splurging or an area where you need more self control or a combination of both. It's tricky. But do the math and spare yourself the guilt that comes with impulse buying.

-Make time. If you feel disorganized financially and don't have time to deal with your budget - if you are struggling to meet your goals - or you're arguing with your spouse, then change something. Take something off your plate and make room in your life to deal with your money on a regular basis. Hold a family budget review meeting every week and serve cake! Make time. Set an alarm to remind yourself. Sip on your favorite drink every afternoon and get out your calculator. Just do it. The goal is peace not drudgery.

-Learn to be content with simple things. Acquire a taste for good books, a cup of tea, a walk on a pretty day, time with good friends. Invest in relationships, not stuff. That's my advice to myself and anybody with young children. Parenting is tough. Let us learn to not fret.

I'm reading an advanced copy of a great book right now, and I came across this quote.....

Wealth consist not in having great possessions but in having few wants.- Epictetus

I wish I would have come up with that....

So how do you stay organized with your spending?


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  1. I feel like I say this every single time...but I am LOVING these posts! It's exactly what I need right now. Thanks for sharing with us!

  2. Yes, yes, yes. My favorite line is, "There's freedom in the fence." So true...in many areas of life. Thank you for this good and timely reminder.

  3. SB - You are both smart and wise, and that's a very powerful combination. And your writing is just splendid - really splendid. I hope you and Grande and all fo the Spooners have a marvelous Thanksgiving!

  4. I love the quote about wealth and possessions! So true!!
    Meal planning, making meals ahead and freezing meals has really made a difference for me, especially with a young baby. It has really helped me to stay organized with my thoughts and our budget. Knowing what is for dinner gives me mental and emotional "margin" and having some meals stocked in the freezer makes ordering out a lot less likely on hard days. Even at the end of a long day it feels good to eat YOUR taco soup recipe and know we are a little closer to reaching our financial goals. The simple life is the good life!!


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