Make Life Easier: Use Paper Plates

I started using paper plates for breakfast and lunch. My mom mentioned the idea in passing one day. And boy is it a game changer.

Since having George, my 3rd baby, I have been desperate for anything that will make the housework load lighter. I've been analyzing and trying to come up with short cuts and no fuss ways of dealing with everyday routines.

Paper plates (and bowls) save my sanity. The dishwasher gets run less, and I believe the cost evens out because I'm using less water, energy, and dishwasher detergent. And I'm saving hundreds on prescription meds and therapy.

We eat on real plates for dinner, but for breakfast and lunch you will find me grinning over a paper plate meal.

I know this is not rocket science but it is just one of those little things.

This particular breakfast was inspired by Laura Merrill's sausage and egg scramble. A ham scramble. Yum and yum.

What are your household shortcuts?

What are your favorite breakfasts? 


Last week I shared my towel strategy that saves me a ton of laundry.


  1. I LOVE me some paper plates. My mom (and now me too) will serve a sandwich on a paper towel which is even cheaper and less expensive.

  2. I agree. I'm a big, big paper plate person.

  3. Second the paper towel thing here! Great for toast or scones :)

  4. I really enjoy your blog. Both spoonful and now SWM. I like your green coffee cups. Could you share what type they are?
    Hunstville Denise


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