Saying No to Good Things

There are a thousand different things going on, one hundred invitations and activities and good opportunities. But that does not mean we need to do them all!

Often we have to say no, even to good things. For us, in this season that means no to Wednesday night church, no to sports, no to more involvement in a ministry at church, no to spending a lot of time decorating my house, no to sewing.

Protect little schedules, I tell myself. They need time to play in the back yard and days when we stay in our pajamas until 4pm. The need a break from finding their shoes and loading up in the car.

We need margin in our schedule so we can make play dough, read books, and wrestle with our brother!

Easier said than done.

Don't feel guilty for not being busy.

One of the best things you'll ever learn in life is to say no. - my dad


  1. I so agree. One of my common reasons for saying no is that I need more margin in that particular day. It's so easy to be busy and it's such a gift to have time to tend to the people and tasks I care about.

  2. I needed to hear this today. I feel like we are always loading up in the car to get somewhere and my heart just tells me sometimes we need to just be at home today. Thanks for speaking to my heart and letting me feel less guilty
    ; )

  3. Thanks for this reminder! - Page

  4. You speak the truth. Up until...maybe...2 months ago, I did not understand this tactic. It's so FREEING to say no! Sometimes I wonder if the ability comes with age?

    Wednesday night ain't the Sabbath. I have to remind myself of that sometimes. :)

  5. Wise words. And, by the way, I love the photos of George and Stephen Small. George is getting so big!!!

  6. Cute pictures! James is wearing George's PJs tonight, and they fit perfectly!

  7. Yes, I completely agree. Time at home is a gift for the whole family...but you are right, it is a weekly battle to make it happen. I am enjoying your new blog!


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