Crock Pot Shredded Chicken

I recently learned this great tip for shredding chicken in the crock pot. No more boiled chicken!

You take frozen chicken breasts and literally throw them in the crock pot. (Ha! Who else thinks crock pots are hilarious and redneck but loves them anyway?) Set temp on low or high, depending on how fast you need your chicken, and move on with your day. Take kids to school, work out, put your feet up. Do what you need to do.

Four to six hours later. Ta dah.... Tender juicy chicken. Take a fork and shred it in the pot. Use it for chicken salad, chicken pot pie, soup....whatever.

Mine was for chicken and black bean enchiladas.


While we are on the subject of chicken, this is a helpful post about the price of bone in chicken vs. boneless. I always think I'm getting a better deal with bone in, but I've never accounted for the bone. What about you?


  1. I love my crock pot with my whole being although I feel like such a redneck when I pull it out!

    If you ever wanted to do a post on how you manage (hee hee!) your banner at the top of your blog, that would rock!

    Love the new blog......I foresee many great topics covered on these pages!

    1. Laura Merrill, I will definitely have to do a post on banners!

      I'm so glad to be back blogging.

  2. Redneck crock pots - never thought of that - but it fits!! I don't have a crock pot, but I may get one in homage to my Mississippi roots!

  3. Love this tip! I enjoyed following along with your old blog, but I am REALLY enjoying your new venture in the blogging world! I look forward to each of your posts!


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