Decluttering - Children's Clothes

It's feels like it's all business around here after so much holiday revelry. But that is January for ya! I've spent the past couple of days taking care of the budget, bills, birthday party planning, well check up doctor appointments, and the house.

Over the weekend, I finally finished decluttering children's clothes. Here is my rule of thumb for managing kids' clothes these days - I only keep as much as I can store in their closets and dresser drawers. I used to have plastic storage containers as well, but now I've set the boundary to closets and drawers. This is plenty of storage space. It can be easily seen, and it is enough to have a stash for the future without hoarding.

I do keep one box of sentimental baby clothes. One medium sized box. Also, I find that I will hang on to something because it is sentimental, but then a few months or years out I can let go of it. Sometimes you just need some time before you can part with something.

If it is really special but not in good enough condition to keep or pass along, I will take a picture of it. Quite often, I actually shed a few tears. And though it seems really silly, I will kiss the thing goodbye. It's the end of an era. My babies are growing!

G's last year winter pj's....boo hoo

Such was the case with George's winter pj's last year....tears, a photo, a kiss. All the footies were tattered beyond repair.

I tell myself...I can't keep it all. I can't. And if it is good enough to wear, it is much better to pass it on to somebody who can use it. I love having a nephew nine months younger than George because I get to see hand-me-down clothes being put to good use!


Any tips for letting go of kids' clothing?


  1. I'm with you - although I like the tears/kiss which helps to memorialize the occasion.

    Amanda Soule has made quilts for her kids by cutting up their stained baby clothes, but I don't know if I feel like storing clothes that long! So far I haven't - just kept one box of real special favorites. I have the tentative idea of keeping them for grandkids. I was beyond thrilled to put a little dress on Phoebe that I wore as a little girl in the 70s. So, so special. Saving one dress seems doable!

    1. A quilt would be so nice, but I know that realistically I would get around to it...never. So I'm with you. A box of specials. And I love the idea of passing some things on for grandchildren.

  2. Do each of your children have a closet & chest of drawers or is some of that space shared? My 3-year-old has way too many clothes, I think. Mostly because my mom is constantly buying him clothes. :) I'm debating the idea of doing a wardrobe capsule for him or just looking for some type of guidelines. I mean- no 3-year-old needs 20 polo shirts, am I right?

    1. The boys share a closet and each have a set of drawers. My big girl has a closet and set of drawers. And all of baby's clothes are stored in baskets and on hooks in her tiny little nursery. It's actually a nice amount of space.

      It can get out of control. Kids clothes are often irresistible and on sale and ...they are only little once! But that said, it can completely overwhelm you especially when the move on to the next size and season and you have to make all those decisions about what to do with the "old" clothes. I think a capsule wardrobe is a great idea.

  3. What advice do you have regarding saving clothes for future children? I have one son but hope to have another in the near future...Thanks!

  4. Great thoughts - not just on kids clothes but on everything!


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