Everyone is Decluttering

Let's beat a dead horse, shall we?

I love to talk about decluttering. Truly, I think it is a means to a better life. When I'm freer from my responsibilities of managing stuff because we have less stuff, then I am freer to play, read, parent, cook...live life!

Like everyone and their sister, I have read (and thoroughly enjoyed) Marie Kondo's book. I've used the Kon Mari method, and I have gone through my house top to bottom. I love the message about keeping only the things that spark joy. Reading it was definitely a game changer in the decluttering department, and it has helped me to put the breaks on what we bring in.

I do disagree with the part of Marie Kondo's message that you can do one big tidy of a life time and never have to do it again. With kids, I just don't see how it's possible. There is always a steady influx of stuff coming in the door. Birthdays, Christmas, school, sports, etc all come with tons of paraphernalia.

To deal, I am continuing my tradition of a big declutter in Jaunary. I started this five years ago when Laurie was born, and every January since, I go through the whole house and declutter like a crazy person. Every year gets easier because I have become better at the process, but also, I don't keep or bring in as much junk as I used to. (I sat on the decision to buy a new blender for months!) I'm careful with the real estate of my closets and cupboards.

The beginning of this month I started my de-junking Kon Mari style. But a few weeks in, I needed a fresh angle and some extra motivation. Even for me, a lover of decluttering, it has been a struggle this year. I'm just not in the mood.

So after several bloggers posted about this course (and it was on sale for $5.99), Kickstart to Clutter Free, I jumped in and here is my progress.

The goal is to get rid of 500 things.

day 1 paper: 100

day 2 master bedroom: 12

day 3 kitchen counter: 1

day 4 home office: 7

day 5 pantry: 14

total so far, 134 things


I'm loving the results! Less is so much more.

What about you? Have you drunk the Kool-aid? Do you declutter? 


  1. Look at that kitchen counter top! Beautiful.

  2. I'm an avid declutterer. I agree that it's a Herculean task to try to do it in one sweep, especially with kids. It's been a process for me; layer after layer over the past 2 years. I find the more I remove, the more critical I am of what remains.

    For the first time ever, things (closet contents, kitchen gadgets, trinkets) don't overwhelm me. I use what I have- I enjoy what I have- and I don't miss what I don't have! Even at this stage, I always have a donation bag in the basement, ready to take to the thrift store once filled.

    Kim from Philadelphia

  3. Yes. I'm planning to do the 40 bags in 40 days thing for Lent, and I'm hoping to work a spiritual component into it, as well.

  4. that last photo is particularly beautiful! I've not become an official de-clutterer, but I always have a thrift store donation bag on the go. I bet I could benefit from a focused approach, though. I have some jammed spots in my closets that I blame on old-house-few-closets, but really, I could do better.

  5. Hi - Your blog is lovely! I admire your committment to zero waste. It is something I struggle with too. I came across your blog after seeing it referenced in another blog I adore, Thrift at Home. Decluttering is HARD when you have kids. You nailed it on the head: the inflow is hard to curb. My girls are out of the house now and I JUST purged all the arts and crafts and papers from their school days (shhhh don't tell them!). And it felt soooo good! I am constantly taking things to the Salvation Army or the dump sharing shed. Going to bring some old blankets to the cat shelter today and three boxes containing books and decorations to the dump shed. Slow and steady against the tide!

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